Need G Diapers? Save 30$ on a Six Pack

So I have expressed my love for G diapers on this website before, and since I am a proponent of them I signed up to be a “G mum” on their website.  Basically, if there are any events in my area or any ways I can spread the love they email me.  Recently I received an email for a sweet deal and I would love to pass it on to you!

If you use the code g1220Rosas you can save 30$ on the everyday g’s six-pack(s).  They usually cost 70$!

Son wearing a Medium G stuffed with a prefold.
Son wearing a Medium G stuffed with a prefold.

I am a fan of G Diapers for traveling.  I used them yesterday while flying and the entire day so that I could wash my cloth diapers.  And, if you are afraid to use cloth while out and about during your day they make sweet diaper bag diapers.  You can reuse the shell and throw away or flush the inserts.

Even cooler, G Diapers just released G Cloth, inserts made just for their g pants.  Finally!   If you use a cloth insert with G Pants you are choosing one of the most economical ways to cloth diaper!

If you order using my code I could win a prize 😉

To see my video comparison of G Diapers and Gro Baby click here.

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