My Top Picks for Most Comfortable Cloth Diapers

Is it weird that a part of me wishes I could test cloth diapers myself to truly understand how a baby feels?  It is?  Ok…  well then I am weird.  I don’t want to pee in them, but I do wish I could see how the legs felt, how it feels when they are sized down, etc.

Since I can’t do that I try to pay close attention to the way cloth diapers fit my kids.  Are there deep red marks, do the soakers leave imprints, is the fabric soft on their skin?  These are all very important.  We always have to remember that our babies are in diapers (for most of us) nearly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for years!  This fact makes me know I have chosen the right path by keeping thousands of diapers out of the landfill, but it also means I need to ensure they are wearing diapers that fit comfortably.

I am listing the diapers I think *look* the most comfortable for my children based on my experience with them.

bumGenius! 4.0/3.0 with velcro:

All suedecloth lining which hasn’t pilled so it is smooth and soft.

Elastic is covered in suedecloth all the way around, no PUL touches the baby.

Pocket opening is “hidden” and smooth.

Velcro makes for a great fit even on smaller babies, no need to do a little too tight or too loose.

No snaps means no hip snap bruising which can occur for a small number of children.

Ragababe Easy AIO:

Light as a feather!  This AIO has no weight to it.

Smooth suedecloth lining, no pilling to cause dimpling.

Velcro closure means an exact fit.

Extra wide back elastic.

*note I have had the velcro rub my baby’s tummy when I am not being careful about how I place them.

BabyKicks 3g

Fleece leg gussets are so soft on baby’s legs and let air in.

Smooth front and no chance of velcro rubbing (has snaps)

Stay dry lining

*note the bamboo fleece does pill up over time, trade-off for non synthetic materials I guess


Microfleece lining and smooth inside

Elastic at the back and front of the diaper, easy to get a great fit on tummy

Gathered, ruffled elastic around the legs

No velcro to rub baby’s tummy.

AMP Stay Dry AIO

No openings anywhere, completely smooth inside

Microfiber stay dry lining with minimal pilling over time

Velcro closure and sized for a perfect fit

Velcro covered with fabric in most places


The lining is OBV (organic bamboo velour from rayon) so it is very soft but not a “stay dry”

Elastic on stomach and back

Sized for perfect fit

Snaps on side so no velcro with potential to rub the tummy

Trim so no bulk between legs

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