My Next Birth Experience- Must include chocolate

My next birth experience will be in roughly 107 days, at a hospital located about 15 minutes from my home, and will hopefully be attended by my Midwife, my husband, and my doula.

Things I would like to be different from my first birth.

  • pitI do not want to be induced again.
  • I do not want to be chained to an IV pole and fetal monitor
  • I do not want to have limited access to a shower (I had none)
  • I do not want to be barred from any food from the start of labor until giving birth. (I did not eat for over 24 hours and all I could think about was food, not my labor or my baby)
  • I do not want to receive pain medication (I did receive an epidural.  Though the nap was nice, I am hoping having food, not being induced, and laboring at home more will prevent this)
  • I do not want to be told when to push.
  • I do not want my baby to be prevented from nursing within the first 45 minutes because he is breathing a tiny bit funny.

lindt-swiss-classic-double-2Things I want to be the same as my first birth.

  • I do want my husband by my side (at my beck and call)
  • I do want A Lindt Chocolate bar in my labor bag for after delivery (Since I had gestational diabetes last time.  I test in 3 weeks)
  • I do want the most delicious tuna sandwich in the world after delivery, especially if it is at 4 am.
  • I do want great nurses who are supportive and helpful.
  • I do want to delay the cord clamping.
  • I do want to pull my son out myself once the shoulders are out and put him on my chest.
  • I do want a lactation consultant to check with our nursing progress, even though I am an experienced breastfeeder, my son won’t be an experienced nurser.
  • I do want to cuddle my adorable new son, who will be rooming in with me.

I am looking for an almost entirely different experience that my last.  I am hoping that my midwife will allow me to go into labor naturally even if I have gestational diabetes.  I also just met with my doula and I believe she is going to help tremendously with attaining a natural birth.  The only concern I have currently is who will watch my son while I am in the hospital.  We do not have family (or friends really) in the area.  My son relies on me to fall asleep for his naps and at night.  He also sleeps with us the majority of the night.  Me being gone will be hard for both of us.

Now that I have a great support team in place all I need is to wait for my son to arrive.  Hopefully that will be on 10-10-10.

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