My First Catch- EC

After taking a little break from EC over the weekend, this morning I was determined to get my son to his baby bjorn little potty first thing in the morning.  I knew this would be my best chance to catch a pee, since he normally pees as soon as he wakes up.  

He woke up at 8:30.  I heard the rustling, so I ran into his room and promptly undressed him.  He was airlifted to the little potty, which I had set up this morning.  A Sham Wow had been placed underneath, just in case.

I sat him on his potty.  He was more willing to “sit” but still tried to squirm, letting me know he was not 100% about the cold potty he was on, or his sitting.  But, within seconds he started to tinkle!  He was very close to the edge so some hit the pee guard was went over.  Still, he peed on, and *mostly* in the potty!  And a few minutes later he nursed, and right after I put him on the potty again.  This time, he made some gas so I was expecting a poo.  But instead he peed.  Which again, mostly when in the potty since he was in a semi standing position.

I am not worried about it not going all in!  I am just excited that I have been able to time our potty time correctly, twice.  One thing about EC is that it can get very discouraging after missing many times.  For now, I plan in leaving him diaperless for times right after he pees in the potty.  When he is at home, I will keep him in coverless diapers the other times.  This way if I miss one, I am able to tell right away and still mentally log what he was doing when it happened.  And what time it was.  Did he just eat?  How long since he was breastfed?  Etc.

I have saved 2 diapers already today!  What is better than cloth diapers for my baby and the environment………. NO DIAPERS!!!!

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