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{Mostly} Wordless Wednesday- Visiting the Past

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This beautiful tree caught my eye while walking around the Historic District in Salisbury, NC. Even though Salisbury is the town I was born and raised in this was the first time I walked around to admire the beautiful homes it has. In front of a rather large home was this tree. It was larger than life and the photos don’t do it justice. The fence met it’s match but now they are one and the same.  This same weekend I spent time interviewing my grandparents about cloth diapers.  I took time to scan some photos of my grandmother.

This photo was taken in front of one of those historic mansions in my hometown.  I’m wondering if I can find this home and do a “looking into the past” photo like these.

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  • MamaBennie

    Lovely photos, and your grandmother is beautiful. 

  • Maria

    Love the photos!  You should definitely try to find that house & re-create the picture!

  • LDC

    I so enjoy checking out older homes and finding neat things such as the tree that has become one with the iron fence. Thanks for sharing the pictures!