Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Fletcher the “helper”

Daddy was out of town for a few days last week so Fletcher was my helper.

He "helped" me eat my cereal while I worked
He "helped" arrange my birthday flowers
And he helped with laundry... no quotes... he did a good job!

*note: I realize the bumbo is not supposed to go on counters or tables.  I never leave his side.  Ev just has to see my face at all times to be happy so this is how I eat.

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  • Mandy

    What an amazing little helper! They are both gorgeous.

  • Knocked Up and Nursing

    I think i might just be reading your blog too much… I hadf a dream that i was doing your dishes… Is that weird? I promise it’s not 🙂

    • I say no… because Kim… I’ve had dreams about you too!

      • Anonymous

        lol! You are welcome to do my dishes in real life too 😉 Open invitation to everyone!

      • Knocked Up and Nursing

        Glad i’m not the only one … hehe

  • Sarah Schulz

    I love the bumbo! I will do the same and have DS on a table so he can see me. I figure if I’m watching him the whole time he is OK. It has also made a great high chair for feeding!

  • I love your little helper. Mine helps taking out the folded laundry and placing them or throwing them on the floor! lol
    CJR @ The Mommy Blog

    • Anonymous

      that too!