Mo Dia One Size Pocket Review

Mo Dia Improved OS Pocket

Update: This brand is no longer making diapers but you can find their pattern for sale.

A few months ago I reviewed the Mo Dia One Size Pocket. My original thoughts on the diaper were pretty positive; it worked great, the design was stylish and unique, and the included hemp fleece soaker was amazing. The downside was the sizing; the waist was a little too small and the rise a little too short. I didn’t expect it to last Everett more than a few more months- how would it last until potty training?

After that review and other customers agreeing with that sentiment the two ladies behin Mo Dia went back to the drawing board. They now have a new pattern for their One Size Pocket that addressed both issues. The sizing is more realistic and more like other OS diapers. I have a video and review for the new Mo Dia. if you would liek to compare to my old review and video you can visit this link.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩ The Mo Dia I reviewed is a snapping diaper with 2 snaps on each tab, 4 snaps total to close. The rise, like many other One Size diapers, has a 3 step snapping adjustment. This is only applicable when you need to size up or down so you don’t have to do it for each change. The insert is one long piece of hemp fleece. The simplicity is genius. You fold it to the desired length, and place the most layers folded over where you need them (front for boy/tummy sleeper and middle for girl). The folding does take longer than just using a sized or pre-snapped OS insert which is why it gets 3 stars.
Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ A Mo Dia runs about 21$ with the hemp insert included. These diapers have a very custom look, even those that aren’t made to order. The snaps usually coordinate well with the fabric options. Some have full PUL outer, some have PUL bodies and cotton knit over PUL tabs, and some are the reverse. Now that the sizing is larger it is even more of a good investment than the previous version.
Performance ✩✩✩✩ I wish I could tell you how much these inserts rock my socks. They look so simple, and they are, but work better than most other included inserts. So, you have to fold them to size… not a HUGE deal. I’ve used this diaper for longer naps and daytime for Everett (10 months old) and nights for my toddler (almost 3) with no leaking or wicking problems. No red marks either!
Fit ✩✩✩✩ When you fix one problem you potentially cause another. The previous Mo Dia sized up nice and tiny and would likely be a good fit for very small babies. Adding more to the rise and width makes it look bulkier. I have not tried it on a new/small baby but I’m just basing on what I have seen. On Everett, who is 20 pounds and 10 months old, he still had one more snap on the rise and a snap on each side for the second snap in on the tab. After that the male end of the snap would touch skin, however I don’t think that is going to happen. And since he is pretty wide I don’t know how many others it would happen to either.  They aren’t the trimmest cloth diaper out there but I don’t mind fluffy.  Just poutting that out there.
Overall: The fact that Mo Dia adjusted their pattern based on user feedback is incredibly awesome and proves how much they care about their product and customers. The new Mo Dia is just as cute but with more growing room. The quality of the diaper is obvious, the stitching is clean and I haven’t seen any loose threads. They come up with the most adorable color and print combinations too!

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A Mo Dia OS was sent for the purposes of this review.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are 100% my own and genuine.  

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