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A few weeks ago I introduced you to a brand new All-in-One cloth diaper from Bambino Mio.  The Mio Solo has a lot of unique features that make is a very easy system for any parent.  Now that I have had time to review the diaper you can learn more about how it functioned for us.  I have a new video demonstration for the diaper as well.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ I have been excited to try this diaper since I saw it at an expo last year. There were several additions to the AIO style design that Bambino Mio added to make it more user friendly. The most unique features were the “glove” that you use to stuff the insert into the diaper with and the sewn in loops for grabbing when removing the insert before washing. Because the diaper only comes in aplix it is a very easy on and off system to use as well. Many users will find there is no need to unstuff the diaper before washing but you can also just tug on the loop (see in video) a tad to help in that department.  My washer would turn the diaper inside out if I left the insert in completely but if I tugged it out a little it would remove the insert all the way.
Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩   Comparable All-in-One’s in this price range typically have an organic material as their absorbent material rather than microfiber. For that reason I find the price a little high. You are probably paying a little more for the extra features, which are cool, but do add quite a bit to the cost. I actually really enjoyed the helpful glove for stuffing the insert into the diaper and admit that I thought it was a gimmick at first, but I’m not sure I would pay extra just for this feature.
Performance ✩✩✩✩ Microfiber AIO’s are always plenty absorbent for my son during the day and the Mio Solo was no exception. We didn’t experience any leaks using the diaper, even at first when I had only washed it once before using it.  Boy that was an easy sentence and no need to write more, yet I feel this section should be longer.  Hippopotamus.
Fit ✩✩✩✩ Everett was in between the medium and largest rise setting. On the largest rise there was a huge bulge in the front and it sagged a bit but on the medium the legs felt a little tight. The medium setting did have the sag in the middle and he only had a little poof in the crotch, not uncommon for him on similar diapers. This isn’t the trimmest diaper or AIO on the market, but certainly less bulky that prefolds or fitteds.
Overall: I like easy diapers and the Mio Solo is definitely an easy diaper. So far the aplix has worn well but time will show how long it will truly last. The suedecloth has been washing up nice and soft as well. The one quirk I have noticed is now that the diaper has been washed many times the size has changed a tad with washing and has made the stuffing a little awkward, as if the insert is longer than the pocket opening now. There remains a bump larger than there should be in the back, and after I have stuffed the insert I have to them push that down, making it take longer than how it is shown on a new diaper in the video. Still easier than traditional pocket diapers but something I feel important to note for potential buyers.
Where to Buy Diaper Junction, a DDL affiliate, carries the new Mio Solo line of cloth diapers.

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  • Helen Vasquez

    Can you please do a review on Kung Poo Diapers!!!! I’ve been looking for a review on them but haven’t found any. They’re only $9.95 which is the least expensive cloth diaper I’ve found. I would love to see a video review to see how good they really are!

    • kimrosas

      Those Kung Poo diapers look to be another Made in China relabeled brand and thus are as good or the same as any other similar. I do not review any diapers that appear to be generics because it would be like reviewing the same diaper over and over and over again. Sorry.

      • Becky05

        Looks like they are actually relabeled Smartipants, which are made in the USA, or claim to be.

      • kimrosas

        No not at all. These aren’t even close to being like a Smartipants.

        Please excuse typos and brevity. Sent from my iPhone