Make Your Cloth Wipes POP! Pop-Up Wipes Video

Cloth wipes are a natural next step to make once you begin cloth diapering.

They are just one more way to save money and waste less.  Besides, it will mean less chances of digging out wrinkled and shrunken washed disposable wipes that were mistakenly thrown in with the dirty diapers.

I’ve been using this method for YEARS, over 4 years to be exact.  All you need are cloth wipes and an empty disposable wipes container.  You could also use a fancier wipes box like the cool OXO Perfect Pull Wipes Dispenser I saw recently.  It has a weighted opening that lowers as you have less wipes.

I personally don’t pre-wet my cloth wipes.  Instead, I’ve always used a spray bottle full of a wipe solution and wet it when I needed it.  The potential to mold/mildew when pre-wetting is a real possibility, especially in a wipes warmer.

The video will show you the easy way to accordion fold your wipes so that you can keep pulling wipes and never have to dig for them in the box.  I’ve added affiliate links to products you might be interested if you are just getting started with cloth wipes.  If you found this post helpful please share the love!

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