Lollidoo Recycled Outtie Review

Update: This brand is no longer making diapers.
Lollidoo is a brand I have had a relationship with for nearly two years.  I first learned about their super awesome diapers made from recycled plastic bottles before going to a conference in Las Vegas.  While there I was able to meet Alison and Melissa, the women behind the brand.  They both made me cry with their dedication to a sustainable world, their commitment to keeping production in the US, and their passion for cloth diapers.  It has been a pleasure reviewing their improved One Size Recycled Outtie.  While it may seem strange using a fleece pocket (or cover) is a great way to get air flowing and it is easier to care for then the even pricier wool covers.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩ After using the previous version of this cloth diaper I am really happy with the improvements on the sizing mechanics. Granted, I was using a prototype for my first review. Having the fleece handles on the button make it easy to find. The elastic is thin and not numbered which makes it a bit harder than similar button style elastic sizing one size cloth diapers. I also reviewed the snaps version the first time, and this time I have a velcro diaper. I am liking how I can get a perfect fit around my son’s waist.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ I LOVE Lollidoo as a company and for what they stand for. I can honestly say there are few people in the cloth diaper world that I have met who care more about their impact on the environment and their contribution to US jobs than Alison and Melissa. Unfortunately, those innovations (fleece from recycled plastic bottles, yo!)  will add to the cost of the diaper.  A diaper with inserts runs 28-32 depending on the model and the type of inserts you choose.

Performance ✩✩✩✩ Fleece is surprisingly water resistant. It seems odd that fleece is a layer next to the baby’s skin, meant to be peed through (and thus not “waterproof” but it is also on the outside layer preventing leaks. That outer fleece is much thicker. The diaper worked well for us as long as we had the size correct. Leaks occurred while we were getting the right fit, once that happened it worked great, even for nights. It should be noted that fleece can have Compression Leaks (leaks where the baby is sitting or laying when the insert is saturated) and this isn’t an issue with PUL outer diapers.

Fit ✩✩✩✩✩ This new version fits amazing on Ev, I LOVED how it fit his big thighs and that the fleece was soft on them as well. He is really outgrowing a lot of diapers these days and I have a lot of room left on the rise and legs with this one.

Overall: There are a lot of reasons to love Lollidoo, and their commitment to quality products/environment/fair labor and wages is my number one. I also love the new sizing and the cuteness of these fluffy diapers. The major drawbacks of their fleece pockets come after heavy use. It is important to air dry those diapers because even just drying once in a dryer will start the fleece to pilling. I also had a black diaper to review. This one attracted lint which was noticable and that might annoy others. Function wise there is little to complain about, however.

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