Livingroom Progress- Paint and a Pinterest Project

Just to update everyone on my life, my home, and why I haven’t posted anything since Monday I thought I would share what I’ve been working on.  You may recall that the home we purchased and moved into two months ago was a shrine to the color orange.  Virtually every room was Pumpkin Puke Orange and if it wasn’t orange it was yellow.  If you want to see shots of the house before doing any work visit the moving in post.  You can also see about our bathroom remodel (in progress) and my Golden Girls inspired Guest Room.  

This week I tackled the front living room.  The two rooms sandwiching it were already painted Pebble Grey and so I had to choose the color of this room.  Since it stepped down I was thinking of going to a darker grey but decided not to because a. matching shades of grey is very difficult and b. I was too lazy to make a nice transition in the door openings.  To make my life easier and get some paint up I decided to go with…. Pebble Grey!  We bought 3 gallons to start and I had plenty left so why not?

This is what the room looked like to start with:

And after a fresh coat of paint on the walls, a lot of hole filling, re-painting the molding on the bottom and top, it came to this:

I only took a front view of the couch in instagram!

I switched the lamps from the old black/red to the brushed silver lamps from the great room. I also pulled the same switch on the coffee table. A quick trip to Homegoods resulted in new purple pillows. I have mixed feelings about them but the husband is very happy likes them so I think they will live here permanently. The walls still need flair but I’m tepid with nailing holes in my freshly painted walls so I have to have a definitive plan laid out. Usually I just start hanging things but after the 15 hours I spent painting/prepping the room I’m not about to mar my masterpiece.

Hide your ugly router- Pinterest Project!  With my room nice and new I finally decided to do a Pinterest inspired project that is one of those “why didn’t I think of that” ideas. I HATE my router showing. Really, I hate any technology showing unless it is something to show off. I went to a thrift store and for .90 I spied the perfect book that would fit my router inside. I doubt you will need directions for this if you decide to try it but I really should give the credit to Anamu’s blog. An exacto knife and an old hardcover book is all you need. Remove the pages, insert router, and voilà!
cover router with a book

This weekend my husband and I will be working on the bathroom again. We have 1 month to complete it before visitors arrive. There are too many projects left to list but be assured I am a very busy lady these days!

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