Little Owl All In Two Diaper Video and Review

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I hope everyone had a fun and happy Valentine’s Day. Harper’s nana came over and we worked on homemade valentines together while Autumn napped, then on the big day Harper helped me bake Valentine M&M cookies while Autumn supervised and taste tested. I also managed to sneak in a canoe date with my hubby in the morning in between school work and my shift at my “day job”. I have to admit, I miss the years when my mom and I would turn this holiday into a big to-do, driving home the reminder that valentines can be for anyone you love and not just a romantic interest. My favorite year we transformed her sister-in-law’s outdoor gazebo into an exotic tea tent with elegant tapestries, silks, glass lanterns, and our most whimsical china. She was so surprised when we beckoned her outside with fresh baked cookies, tea, and music. I look forward to the days when my babies are older and I feel less overwhelmed, I’d love to come up with surprises like that again. What special traditions or adventures did you enjoy this year? Do you have a favorite Valentine’s Day memory?


This week I have a review for you on an innovative all in two diaper, with some clever features and a very simple and useful concept. These bright and colorful modern diapers are made in the USA, in Los Angeles, California.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ This diaper is a very easy to use diaper with intuitive construction. The shell of this PUL diaper is lined with soft fleece on the interior and features two snaps in the front and one in the back to connect with the soaker you use. The soaker is my favorite part of this diaper, unlike many ai2 systems this soaker comes with its own waterproof gussets and backing, meaning the PUL on the shell is almost unnecessary (though knowing it’s there as backup is priceless). This means the shell does not need to be wiped down in between uses, there is no sticky PUL against baby’s skin, and the mess stays put, especially with those snaps I mentioned that keep the soaker perfectly in place. No baby wedgies, no shifting or leaking, just a simple and smart diaper.

Little Owl Diapers

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ At $13.95 for a shell and $11.95 for a soaker, you definitely save more by purchasing at least a partial stash of this system. Little Owl estimates you may need two shells per day, but you can swap out just the soaker and trade off on which shell you reach for so the first shell can air out between wearings. Little Owl also offers a booster for nine ninety five which can help you make it through those long commutes or unstructured naps. If you buy just one shell and soaker you may not consider this a bargain but by putting together a few pieces to get you through at least a day of laundry you’ll quickly see how easy and economical this system can be, especially for a quality product made in California.

Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ Thanks to the waterproof backing on both the soaker and the shell, and the generous gussets backed with waterproof lining on those soakers, I felt completely at ease using this diaper on my one year old no matter what our plans were for the day. I knew I could trust it, and that changing time would be a breeze. The fleece lining on the soaker wicked moisture away from delicate skin, and with the included snaps I knew the insert wouldn’t shift out of place. No blow outs, no leaking, and no discomfort for my baby meant I reached for this diaper again and again.

Fit ✩✩✩✩✩ The shells are sold in three distinct sizes to help ensure a comfortable and trim fit at any stage. A third snap on the wing helps prevent “wing droop” so your baby doesn’t wrestle with excess material sneaking out (an easy way to entice a babe to try to remove said diaper, wing droop should be avoided whenever possible). The size chart on the Little Owl website suggests a size small for babies newborn to six months old or seven to sixteen pounds, a medium is appropriate for a baby six to eighteen months or thirteen to twenty six pounds, and a large is expected to accommodate a tot over eighteen months, with a proposed fit of twenty four to thirty four pounds. I tested a large on Autumn (and had Harper try it on for size) and it fit beautifully on both girls, despite Autumn being 23 lbs 15 oz at her check up last month (one ounce under the range listed) she appears to be very comfortable and the fit is so trim she can wear some clothing that is otherwise too tight on her at this age. At 29 ½ pounds Harper is no longer wearing diapers but could easily wear this one for a long time to come if she needed to.

Overall: This diaper is clever and strong, and I love that it is made locally. The all in two design is so simple and clear that even a partner or caretaker who may be wary of some more complicated diaper systems will likely agree that this system is almost as easy as an all in one, while a stash of these containing more soakers and boosters with just a few shells will add up to far less than a stash composed entirely of brand new USA made all in ones. As an added bonus, ai2 components wash faster and better since the individual pieces are more easily agitated and dried. I highly recommend these for any family looking to build a stash who is looking for something easy and quick, with no special folding or tucking to learn. These are also amazing to bring along in the diaper bag since you can carry a single shell and several inserts in even a very small bag. I love the crisp modern solid color options and the quality of these diapers made in the USA.

Where to Buy: Little Owl Cloth Diapers


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