Little Beasties One Size Pocket Review

Little Beasties

Little Beasties is a WAHM made diaper with a shop on Etsy. They carry beautiful and unique diapers with hidden PUL and fun embroidered designs. The diapers are available with either snaps or touchtape. I’ll be reviewing a snap diaper.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ The snaps on this diaper are strong and secure, it makes changing my wiggly infant so much easier. This pocket diaper comes with a generously sized insert made of three layers of microfiber sandwiched within soft flannel. They come in really fun prints which makes my nightly routine of stuffing diapers more interesting and brings a smile to my baby’s face. The inserts feature a snap down design that bumGenius users will be familiar with, it allows a perfect fit on any rise. The diaper also boasts a very wide opening in the back where you can stuff the insert. I was initially wary when I noted the opening is just a slice in the alova material with a short zig zag stitch at either end, I was concerned the cut might expand from washings and general wear and tear. However, I’ve used this diaper for several weeks in heavy rotation and had no issues whatsoever.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ Prices range from 14.50 to 29.99 depending on the diaper you select. Custom diapers are also a favorite for this WAHM, she says she loves letting customers create their own design. The diaper I’m reviewing sells for 20.99. When I consider the amount of work that goes into embroidering a design, and the added comfort of having a cotton outer over hidden PUL, I’d say this price is more than fair. I’d be especially keen to pay a little more for a diaper with one of my favorite tv shows or video games referenced, so having the custom request option available makes it that much sweeter.

Performance ✩✩✩ I’ll admit, the first two times I used this diaper were a mess. Within minutes of changing her, Harper was soaked and so were her clothes. I checked the insert in case it was human error, but it seemed to be in place correctly (it may have been the insert placement, but I haven’t had this issue since). I considered what I could do differently and realized that while I’d prepped the diaper I had only line dried it. I usually use my clothesline as it saves energy and helps zap bacteria. But as I thought about it, I realized the layer of PUL may need to be heated in the dryer to help seal it. One cycle later and it worked perfectly, no leaks, and no wicking.

littlebeastiesonbabyFit ✩✩✩✩✩ Little Beasties has two sets of snaps at the waist and four rise options (three rows of snaps to choose from or you can leave the rise unsnapped for the largest size).  It also has generous leg gussets (a lifesaver for any breastfed baby, I could write a love letter to quality gussets) to help protect your baby from leaks at the thigh. But the best thing about this diaper is the elastic. Not only does it have a wide stretch of elastic across the back to prevent blowouts, the leg elastic is adjustable! The first time I saw this feature I was in awe, having heard complaints from cloth diapering mamas about their little ones having skinny legs or chunky legs and never getting a good fit. The elastic snaps in place on either end, with three size options available. Because it isn’t sewn in, it will be easy to repair if needed.

Overall:  Little Beasties has some really fun designs and are very well made. They are a little bulkier under clothes than some pocket diapers, but with something this cute you don’t want to cover it up anyway. I feel like this diaper will easily last multiple children and is something special I will reach for again and again.

Where to Buy: Little Beasties on Etsy


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