Let’s Talk About The #MakeClothMainstreamChallenge! March 28-April 18.

For weeks myself and others that I will introduce later have been working day and night on a really exciting project.  This post will answer all of your questions about it so please read on!  We have been teasing it through social media but as of yet nothing “official” with full details as been posted publicly.  Today is that day!


What is this #MakeClothMainstreamChallenge? 

The #MakeClothMainstreamChallenge is a lot like it sounds.  For 3 weeks we are asking you (the general public) to try out cloth diapers.  But you (the general public reading this) probably already use cloth, right?  That is where YOU (again, I am pointing my finger at the person behind the screen reading these words) come in.  If you are already using cloth diapers instead of taking the challenge we want you to recruit for it and support those who have decided to join.  Maybe you can let your friend who is cloth curious borrow a few of your diapers to begin, or maybe you can guide your friend and help them find a way to inexpensively start.  Perhaps you know a retailer who offers a trial program and you can give them that information!  There are many ways to get started and we hope you can help us spread the word.  Once you have them convinced get them to join our group and sign up.  Everyone who signs up will be entered to win a fabulous Lassig Neckline bag more on that later).

How does this make cloth mainstream?  I’m glad you asked!  The other aspect of this exciting event is that we have teamed up with lots of “Insta-Famous” or “Blog Famous” personalities that have never used cloth diapers before and we are helping them start so that they too can take this #makeclothmainstreamchallenge!!!  They have been supplied the diapers, wet bags, diaper sprayers, wipes, and Spray Pals they need to successfully cloth diaper for the same 3 week period.  During this time they are going to be sharing their triumphs and heartaches.  We know it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows and we have asked our challengers to be totally real.

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So who are these “influencers” and why did you choose them?  We have so far announced Ivanna Cardenas, Kacia Hosmer, Kelly Quinn Warren, and Tamara Tripodi as Challenge Participants.  We have many more to announce so you’ll want to join our group to learn who else is taking this challenge!  Ivanna Cardenas is an amazing mother we met in Miami.  She is the mother of 4 beautiful babies (naturally occurring quadruplets!) and has a large following on Instagram.  Ivanna takes gorgeous photos of her babies but she is also a mother with tons of style and runs her own Interior Design business.  Kacia Hosmer is mostly known as Coconut Robot online through her blog and Instagram.  I’ve been following her for years but if you know her name it is likely because you love and follow the Sling Diaries from Sakura Bloom.  Kelly Quinn Warren is very familiar with cloth diapering because she runs in similar circles through her work as Marketing Director of Lillebaby carriers.  She has been pestered since her pregnancy by the cloth diaper world but she hasn’t said yes, until now!  Tamara Tripodi is also known by her handle @4KidsandaLatte; she is a blogger and Instagrammer with an eye for photography.  I love seeing her photos featuring Amelia and we are excited to see Amelia with a “fluffy butt.”

All of the participants joining us were chosen because we think they have the ability to reach readers far outside of this little bubble we live in.  In our community it can sometimes feel like the message is echoed and bounced off the walls but never breaks through to the parents beyond the bubble.  This project will be bursting that bubble!  We don’t want a bubble, we want to breathe and be seen and be heard!  We think all parents deserve to know how easy and accessible modern cloth diapers can be and we certainly want others to know that it isn’t “all or nothing” as it can sometimes seem.  ALL are welcome and ALL can benefit from the cuteness, the savings, and the comfort of cloth.  #makeclothmainstream indeed.

Instagram grid level: Master
Instagram grid level: Master

To make this happen it has required a village and so many early mornings/late nights.  The idea began with Jen from Spray Pal and she recruited our team of awesome.  The team includes myself (Kim from Dirty Diaper Laundry), GroVia, Green Child Magazine, qdSpray, Logan+Lenora, AppleCheeks, Lassig, Tots Bots, and Thirsties.  We have scoured the Internet looking for the participants we thought would best fit with this mission and asked them to #giveclothachance!  We coordinated the first ever multi-account Instagram grid that involved more stress sweat than any natural deodorant could handle. (shown above when you search Instagram.com for #makeclothmainstreamchallenge.) We have established a group that is already at 2,500 members in less than 2 weeks that will serve as our support team for all challenge takers (influencers and those at home) where our sponsors and organizers will answer questions.  Everyone is welcome to join regardless of their cloth diaper knowledge level- if you’re an expert you can help the cause by being a mentor.

PRIZES!  We can’t end this blog post without teasing the many, many giveaways that we have coordinated for our group members and challenge takers/mentors.  Our sponsors and partnered retailers will be hosting flash giveaways during the 3 weeks of our challenge in the group and on Instagram.  We have so many scheduled that you don’t want to miss them.  Keep checking the #makeclothmainstreachallenge hashtag on IG and be sure to join the group to have access to them.

Sign up for the Challenge:

ANYONE can sign up for this challenge regardless of your cloth diapering level. Full Time, Part Time, or haven’t started yet!  By signing up you are also going to be entered into a giveaway for the drool worthy Lassig Neckline bag.   Make sure you sign up using this form: Sign up for #MakeClothMainstreamChallenge. 


The challenge will begin on March 28 and conclude on April 18, the same day as the Great Cloth Diaper Change.  Our influencers have been encouraged to attend a local event if they can.  To end with a bang we are having another live G+ chat that evening of April 18th at 8 PM EST where we will chat with some of our challenge takers and get their perspective on switching to cloth diapers.  Representatives from our brand sponsors will also be in attendance and we are going to have a blast (like we always do!) so even if you don’t take the challenge you will want to watch!  RSVP on the Event Page: G+ Chat

Get your friends to join:

Share this graphic along with a link to the Cloth Diaper Experiment Group and encourage your friends to make that leap and join the growing number of families who use (and love) cloth diapers!  Copy this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheCDExperiment/


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