Lena Cup Intro and Review

Time for a new post about menstrual cups- this time- an introduction and review for a new cup that’s only recently hit the market.  Lena Cup may have won me over!  I filmed a review and introduction to this new brand of cup.

If you hate watching videos here is a short synopsis of my Lena Cup review. The cup has a lot of really great features that are almost built after my own wish list in many ways.  The cup is bell shaped but a nice firmness.  The bell shape allows the cup to have a nice capacity while still being a shorter cup (when you trim the stem) for women with a lower cervix can likely still use it even if they have a heavier flow.  It’s completely smooth, no seams on any part of the cup!

A C Fold on Lena Cup size 1 and 2

The stem itself is the kind of stem you’ll consider keeping- it’s super flexible and even at full length it was comfortable.  The only reason I cut mine was because I am mental and it being there just got to me.

The most surprising feature of the cup that won me over were the suction holes.  Exciting stuff…. I know [insert rolling eyes here].  Every other cup I’ve tried so far has very tiny suction holes and often it takes extra effort to clean them.  Folding the cup where the hole is and running under water can be effective but sometimes I’ve needed to use a soft bristle toothbrush for a deeper clean at the end of my cycle.  The Lena Cup’s suction holes are at a slant and appear to be a little larger than other brands.  I’ve not once had to do anything other than run under water to clear the suction holes!!!  Long time cup users will know how exciting that is- it’s the little things in life.

Comfort wise the cup is a little larger feeling than I’d like at insertion, I imagine the size 2 could be harder for some women to insert for this reason (but they could look at the Size 1).  It was comfortable after that point and stayed in place perfectly.  It’s the exact right depth for me- a tiny bit shorter than a Lunette.

Inserting menstrual cup size 2

The base of the cup has a bit of firmness- enough that if I need to I can push against it fairly effectively to move the cup higher, a feature I love from the Diva Cup for newbies.

Sometimes it can be frightening to try a new cup when you already have one you love but I’m really happy I’ve tested this one and think I might be using it again for the next cycle!  I am usually the person who eats the same meal when I go to a restaurant- you find something you love and you stick with it- but Lena Cup could be the new “goldilocks” cup in my stash!

Lena Cup review

Lena Cup Measurements and Capacity

For those interested in stats here are the measurements according to the Lena Cup website above.  I also invite you to check out the comparison images to other cup brands in the Lena Cup post from Put A Cup In It (a new menstrual cup website you should totally be following).  The Eco-Friendly Family has the Lena Cup added to her Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart if you’d like to see it next to other brands as well.


Right now the Lena Cup is only available on Amazon.com and if you’re thinking of trying one now is a great time- since it has just launched it has a lower introductory price for both Size 1 and Size 2.


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