Lassig Neckline Diaper Bag Review

Lassig Neckline Bag

Lassig Neckline Diaper Bag

Adapting to the needs of two little ones in diapers can be quite a challenge. When you have one infant and one toddler it makes things even more interesting, especially when you try to leave the house. Suddenly there has to be twice as many diapers, the wet bag has to be twice as big, there needs to be two different sets of spare “just in case” clothing in separate yet current sizes, and that isn’t even taking into account toys, food, drinks, and all the other little necessities that we like to have handy. It can be tricky figuring out what to bring, and then debating on whether to walk around with everything tossed in a giant backpack in a disorganized mess or to bring only some of what you might need and cross your fingers you can make do without.

I was recently invited to try out the award winning Lassig neckline bag, a diaper bag that has found a way to make sure you really can have it all, and without spending twenty minutes digging for your keys or that emergency box of raisins to stop a tantrum in it’s tracks.


The neckline bag is from their Green Label collection, and it is crafted from a lightweight and durable material made from recycled plastic bottles. This material is soft and has that slightly brushed look that reminds me of my favorite pair of pants, especially since it is accented with a rich vegan leather (no animals harmed) strap and sleek metal hardware. I love that it would look just as appropriate in a corporate office or at a party as it does running errands or walking in the park.


The Neckline can be carried, worn over the arm by the thick padded straps, or worn crossbody or over one arm with the adjustable woven strap that is included and can be removed at your convenience. Lassig has included plenty of matching accessories in this luxury tote, including a changing mat, a zipper pouch perfect for my wallet that detaches if I’m just running into the gas station and don’t need my bag, a thermal bottle holder (I nurse when we go out together but have found my thirteen ounce EcoVessel fits perfectly so my girls and I can stay hydrated), and a detachable key fob that keeps my keys accessible in a convenient outer pocket so I’m never stuck outside my car juggling the kids and the diaper bag on a hot day. I also love the thermal insulated zipper pocket for storing breastmilk if I’m pumping or for storing sandwiches or other small meals while I’m on the go. The interior baby food storage caddy snaps into place so I can easily remove it if I have a spill or if I’m traveling without baby food and need some additional space. There is a generously sized zipper pocket lined with a water resistant material, I wouldn’t use it as a wet bag on it’s own since it isn’t easily washable, but it wipes clean and is a perfect place to keep my favorite wet bag or to store damp items like wipes, soiled bibs, and anything else I don’t want to worry about. There is a handy pouch in an outer pocket that hosts a cover flap and is just the right size for my phone so I can easily reach it but I can also keep it away from prying eyes and eager toddlers. Lassig also includes strong and convenient stroller straps so you can hang your tote from any stroller quickly and easily when you are traveling with wheels.

Lassig Neckline Bag

This bag is incredibly spacious yet manages to maintain a slim profile and keeps everything organized with generously sized specialty pockets to make your life easier. I got to bring this bag to MommyCon in Orlando last weekend and got a lot of compliments on it, I was even able to bring my DSLR camera in it along with everything else I needed for the day.

To me a diaper bag is one of the most important choices you can make when you’re having a baby. Carrying a bag that works well for you in any situation and fits with your personal style is such a relief, it eliminates the stress of choosing what bag to use that day, consolidates the decisions you have to make, and ensures you don’t have to leave behind any of the essentials. Having a bag that is comfortable is also very important, and the option to slip it over your arm or to wear it crossbody for long term comfort helps as well. I also found this bag to be quite gender neutral. While I’ve been far too enamored with it to let my husband have a turn, I doubt he’d be opposed to wearing it crossbody or hanging it on the stroller as the simple and classic design doesn’t scream “girl” or “baby”, just softly calls “great taste”.

A bag like this is an investment, but you more than make up for it by just having the one bag rather than trying to make a multitude of bags fit for different occasions, and at less than one seventy I have to say I have paid more for several of my purses which I don’t wear nearly as frequently as I now reach for this versatile diaper bag.


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