La Petite Creme- a Cleanser and Balm in One

It’s not often a product in the cloth diaper world is able to sneak up on me but in this case it feels like I was one of the last to know about La Petite Creme. This diaper lotion is self-described as the way French parents clean their babies and this brand has brought that idea and their recipe to the US.  It was brought to my attention by MommyCon- if you’re attending any this year you can get a live demo from me at the Cloth Diaper Resource Center so come by and say hi!

lapetite creme

Here’s how it works, and it’s a bit different so try and stay with me.

Step 1: Squirt generous amount of product onto your wipe (or cotton pad)

Step 2: Use wipe to cleanse baby’s bottom. Hopefully you only need one wipe!

Step 3: A thin layer of lotion remains on the skin, leaving an oily thin layer that acts as a diaper balm.

View a short demo I posted to DDL’s NEW dedicated Instagram account. @DirtyDiaperLaundry. Lara and I will both be posting to this one so that we can cover more diaper related content there so give it a follow while you’re here so we can spam you with cloth diaper pictures and info!

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When I first heard of the product and watched a demo video I became even more confused since it appeared they left a goopy amount on the skin. After seeing an in person demonstration through Facetime with Cecile, one of the brand’s founders, it made much more sense.  I personally would wipe the majority of the lotion of the skin and this is how I approached it in application. Considering that acidic, food reactive rashes are very common for all babies as they begin trying new foods a traditional “barrier cream” is useful to prevent and protect against these unpredictable rashes. For cloth diapering parents it’s harder since most of us only use cloth safe creams or balms when needed and not for prevention (personally this was my tactic). Most barrier creams are thick, white, and many aren’t cloth safe either.  I also didn’t like smearing cream on at each diaper change- too much mess. The concept of a 2-in-1 product like La Petite Creme has proven itself very attractive since your hands never touch the cream and it provides breathable, cloth safe prevention agains rashes. Luckily with cloth diapers our babies aren’t as prone to them but those awful rashes that crop up when baby tries strawberries and poops are no laughing matter.

I was able to test the product for several diaper changes and really liked the simplicity and cleaning ability along with the very light, natural, clean scent. La Petite Creme uses natural ingredients so there is a shelf life to consider.

I asked Cecile how long it lasts and she said it won’t last indefinitely since they don’t add any ingredients to extend the shelf life. The good news is that the olive oil in the lotion is all that’s affected; it won’t smell as good after a couple months but since it’s a butt wiping cream I’m not too concerned. I’d rather the ingredients be safe than smell good for a year in my bottle.

• 100% hypoallergenic • Paraben Free • Drug Free • Fresh natural smell (Fragrance-free)  Cloth Diaper safe.

I’ve also been using La Petite Creme as an all natural make-up remover and it’s quite honestly the best I’ve used. I started wearing a new mascara from Benefit and it’s impossible to remove with soap and water so the cream has been a lifesaver! I love an item with multiple uses.

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Their starter kit ($23) comes with the full size pump bottle, choice of cotton pads package or cloth wipes (these wipes are pretty thin but the new Thirsties organic wipes look great if you need wipes too), and a travel sized bottle for the diaper bag (or your makeup bag!)

I was able to meet the team behind the product at MommyCon Atlanta and their enthusiasm for the product is contagious!  I was shipped a kit to try before MommyCon so that I could get familiar with the product and wasn’t asked to post a review but I really love this product and wanted DDL readers to know about it too.  If you’ve been looking for a new wipe solution or diaper balm perhaps you’ve just found your answer!

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