After designing the revolutionary 100 per cent cotton, reusable diaper, Kooshies undertook a year of extensive testing and refinements, and went on to patent the Kooshies diaper.

Kooshies was awarded the privilege of displaying the “Ecologo” of the Canadian Ministry of the Environment on their patented cloth diapers and have received numerous awards and “Best Buy” rankings for their products. Sam Perez recalls, “Timing was an extremely important factor. In the late 1980s there was a new and growing awareness in Canada concerning environmental issues, and Kooshies offered a quality, environmentally – friendly product at the right time”.

The Canadian public also responded to the “Kooshies’ washable diaper with an overwhelming positive response as Kooshies offered a product better for the environment, a product that made diapering convenient for parents and healthy for the baby.

In just over a year, Kooshies became the industry leader in Canada, with sales exceeding initial projections tenfold. Their market was also expanding into the United States at this time. Since 1990 Kooshies has grown to become a market leader in more than 35 countries around the world.

State-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and meticulous inspection standards for the expanding Kooshies product line, which currently encompasses over 350 baby products, ensures the continuation of the company’s high quality standards.

The year 2003 has been notable for Kooshies. When Sam took over the company in 1988, the name was spelled “KOOSHIES”. This name had been successfully registered with a worldwide trademark. However, there was opposition from a company registered in the United States and over a ten-year period, without any real progress, the parties finally reached a settlement early 2003. Sam realized the solution would be to change the spelling. This year the corporate logo, labels and packaging have been changed to “KUSHIES”. …read more about Kushies

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