Knickernappies One Size Review

Knickernappies One Size
Knickernappies One Size

Ease of Use ✰✰✰✰ The Knickernappies is a side snapping diaper, with snapping rise adjustments on the front.  Changing a side snapping diaper takes some getting used to if you haven’t used one before.  Also, the tabs are next to the baby and I kept wanting to put them on top.  Even now I still try on occasion since this is what I was used to.  Stuffing the diaper could sometimes be annoying since the microfiber of the Loopy Do cause friction against the inside of the liner, but it wasn’t impossible… just a minor annoyance.

Bang for the Buck ✰✰✰✰ So this can be a sticking point.  Most retailers sell this diaper with a choice of microfiber, microterry, or loopy do inserts.  With the lower range inserts the price range is around 20.00.  If you upgrade to the small and large loopy do you can expect to pay around 25.00.  25.00 is on the high end however if you have a very heavy wetter these  inserts are worth the investment.

Performance ✰✰✰✰✰ I don’t have a single complaint about this diaper when it comes to performance.  I used it overnight with the loopy do and never had a leak, and of course using the same insert for daytime had us leak free as well.

Fit ✰✰✰✰ I don’t prefer side snapping diapers since I find them more difficult to put on my toddler.  That being said, it did fit him very well and has lots of room for height and waist growth.  I imagine this diaper would fit a larger toddler with no problems.

Overall- I know this is a favorite diaper of lots of people and I certainly understand why.  It will fit a baby for a long time, and it is very well made so it should last through 2 children with no problems with proper care.

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  • Kristi

    I love the loopy do inserts in the knickers. We have not tried the one size, but are very happy with the medium on my 14 month old son. They wash great and still look new. When you insert the loopy do, leave the tag on top so when you remove it just hold the tag so your hand does not get so wet. GREAT PRODUCT !!

  • Lynsey

    Ha! The little CD keychains are great. I wouldn’t buy one, but they are cute.

  • Hi Kim! Thanks for such an awesome video review! Just wanted to let you know you’ve been sighted on the Knickernappies Blog and we’ve also shared your Review with our FaceBook Fans! Thanks again!

  • Meredith

    I wanted to love the Knickernappies diaper that I bought, even got the Loppy Do insert to make sure that I would love it… well, apparently I have one of those babies that it just doesn’t fit right. It leaks pretty badly no matter what adjustments I make, no matter what inserts I use…
    I have the same problem with FuzziBunz and Rocky Mountain diapers.

  • Angela V

    @Meredith – do you have cloth diapers that don’t leak? Perhaps there is a problem with your wash routine or something? I have all 3 brands that you mentioned and no problems with any of them. (My 19 month old is 25 lbs, he was a big baby, but not a skinny toddler.)

    @Kim – Just thought I would mention, it might be easier to fasten the leg snaps first. I do this with all of my side snapping diapers. I fasten the legs on each side & then fasten the waist snaps. Perhaps this would make it easier for you to put on or to get a better fit. Love your video reviews! : )

  • Regarding the knickernappie loopy do, we purchased one of the trial programs with an online retailer which allowed us to try a myriad of dipeys. They didn’t include loopy do’s with the trial and the knickernappies seemed okay. However, after choosing several of them for purchase after the program was complete, they gave us some loopy do’s and they leak like a sieve. We have no complaints about any of the others and when we called them they said that the loopy do’s were the “most absorbent” on the market. We like the dipey otherwise, but the leakage is simply too much for us to be willing to use them any longer as they wet up the clothes she’s in when it happens. 2 cents