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Today I am happy to share the video review for the new Kissaluvs Marvel.  Many of you may know Kissaluvs for their famous “KL0″ which is the newborn size 0 fitted.  Now they have come out with a”designer” fitted, which currently comes in three patterns.

Ease of Use ✰✰✰✰

As always, a star has automatically been deducted because of the snaps. The good news is, as far as snaps go, this one is pretty user friendly. Because of the fold down rise, it goes on quicker. Yes, it can be hard to put a snapping diaper (any) on a wriggling baby. There are 6 snaps or less depending on how tight you are snapping the diaper, which can be challenging. I am also going to say that putting a velcro diaper is almost as hard, so it still gets four stars. The fold down rise is very self explanatory for an experienced cloth diaperer, but if the babysitter is coming, you may still want to pull out your AIO or pocket diaper.

Bang for the Buck ✰✰✰

The Marvel retails for 24.95, which is pretty pricey. You can buy a diaper that has a waterproof shell for 10 dollars less. When you consider that you have to buy a cover (which can range from 10-100+ depending on your preference) there are a lot of cheaper options. However, in its category (boutique print fitteds) it is a good price. Similar diapers can cost 35.00. It works as well or better as the more expensive boutique diapers, but if you are looking for something for just function, there are cheaper avenues. If you are after the cute factor, 24.95 is a great price!

Performance ✰✰✰✰✰

This one is a five star! I cannot tell you how happy I have been with the Marvel! In fact, I have been using it as one of my staple overnight diapers. It doesn’t leave any red marks or snap impressions. The absorbency is top notch also! 12 hours and no leaks! I think the proof is in the pudding!

Fit ✰✰✰✰✰

I am going to give this a five star also. I am happy with the weight limits set by Kissaluvs- 10-40 lbs. There are many one size diapers that say they fit an 8 pound baby, but they usually don’t. Kissaluvs has been more realistic. Although I haven’t tested it on a 10 lb infant, I think it would fit one. There is also lots of room for growth. It is a nice and simple adjustment system.


I am very pleased with the Marvel, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a cute and absorbent fitted. There are tons of positives- the look, fit, performance. There are a few negatives- the lack of more “boyish” prints (which I am sure they will come out with at some point in the future), the visible inner which is white (but will most of the time be covered.)

Go visit if you are dying to try one.  Use coupon code diaperlaundry for 10% off!

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  • Thanks for the review! I so want one of these. Of course, at the moment we have enough diapers. (Gasp! I can’t believe I said that! But it’s true. Thanks goodness these fit wonky 40 pounders! I think Kidoodle will have outgrown some of his diapers by the end of the year, and I’ll have a great excuse to get more dipes!)
    .-= Ammie´s last blog do, today, with love =-.

  • Thank you for the review, they look very cute.

  • suzanne

    your blog has received an award, stop by my page to claim it.

  • Emi

    Thanks for the review mama. I have been curious about these diapers and will be curious what you think about them as you continue to use them. Lovely blog~!
    .-= Emi´s last blog ..Laundry =-.

  • Mona Montraix

    Thanks so much for the review. I was curious before, but now I really want to try! Have a question about the microterry fabric: I haven’t (so far) used a diaper with that fabric, but I know it’s a really popular choice and a lot of people like it for the absorbency factor (I think BumGenius AIO uses that fabric, no?). However, I also heard about how this fabric can retain odor? Have you experienced it?
    Thanks again and oh.. if I ever have the guts to show people, I believe I am able to top your sink picture 😉

    • @Mona The microfiber material is super absorbent, but yes, sometimes you can get “stink.” The best way to keep stink at bay is to keep residue from building up. This involves making sure your diapers are nice and rinsed. Sometimes, the other stink factor can come from ammonia buildup. This is something that can happen to all diapers, and I am suffering from it now. I have heard of using vinegar rinses or soaks, but the best thing for this is supposed to be the sun. I am not able to line dry outside, but if you are, this is a great option. Let me know if you post that sink picture, I’d love to see it!

  • Meredith

    I can attest to these fitting a 10 lb baby. They create the most adorable fluffy butt! Now I would like for KL to make transparent covers! One reason I’m willing to pay more fore these is the fact they are 100% USA made.

  • Thanks for the review Kim! I have one and I cannot get a good fit though. DS is on the smaller side (12m and 20lbs) and he’s close to the smallest waist setting, but it leaves major wing droop. After only 10 minutes of him moving around with it on the front is almost down to his knees where it isn’t snapped. I know I could add a hip snap myself but I don’t want to kill the resale value. Did you run into any issues like that?

  • Rose

    Your Facebook, twitter, etc. sharing hover box makes reading this page almost impossible on a phone. I want to read your review, not be bugged to share it with my Non pregnant friends.