Kawaii Goodnights Heavy Wetter and Square Tab Cloth Diapers Review

Kawaii Heavy/Square OS
Kawaii Heavy/Square OS

Say that title three times fast…
It is finally here, the Kawaii Review! I get requests every week asking me to review this diaper. At first I really didn’t want to; they were hard to find and I wasn’t sure of the quality. But then a friend bought some and said they were her favorite diapers in her entire stash! If that was the case then I knew I should at least give them a chance. I bought two that I felt were the most popular in their line-up. They do make many varieties, all of which have funny names. I am torn about these diapers. They look to be copies of other brands on the market, this is true. But so do other mainstream brands depending on how you look at it. The biggest thing to understand is that these diapers are made in China and no matter how hard I try I cannot find an answer about HOW they are made. Most cloth diaper companies who move their production overseas are very involved in how their diapers are made. This means they oversee the conditions of their facilities and have strict quality control measures in place. These diapers were never a WAHM brand that I can tell, they are strictly for profit. Their pricing is also considerably lower than others in the same category, often less than 10.00. I will let you decide how you feel about purchasing the diaper. Personally, I would rather spend a little more and know there is a Mom running the company (in most cases) and that the production is ethical. Some people don’t have the money to spend but NEED to use cloth to save money. Now, onto the review. I am lumping both diapers together since the only difference between the Goodnights and the Square Tab seems to be thicker PUL on the GN and the tab/snaps configuration on the Square Tab.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩ Both the GN and ST (Square Tab) have snaps that need to be fastened. The ST has 3 on each tab, the GN has only 2 on each. When fastening the ST you need to use the bottom hip snap first, which can sometimes make the process take longer. Each diaper needs to be stuffed before use and also unstuffed before washing, as do most pocket diapers.  The GN with velcro version would get a 4 star.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩✩ At face value you are getting an amazing deal. Depending on where you buy these diapers you can find them for 6-7 dollars up to 10. Shipping will factor in and add to the cost unless you pay for upfront and get free shipping from certain stores. Do they last? I can’t say… I have had them for a couple of months and in my case everything is working fine. I encourage you to seek out other reviews. My friend has had them much longer than I have and she is reporting that they are still working great. You also get 2 inserts per diaper.

Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ Ok…. I can’t deny that these diapers work well. They do. I have even chosen to use them overnight with success. I typically don’t like pockets for nights.

Fit ✩✩✩✩ Both the GN and ST have the same 3 step rise system. They claim to fit babies 8-37 pounds. On my youngest he is wearing the diapers on their middle rise but they are still bulky looking. If they fit an 8 pound baby they will look bulky.  The GN doesn’t have crossover snaps, the ST does.  I have read many online accounts saying these diapers caused red marks more than others. I have had the same experience which is why I stopped using them overnight. My son would wake with deeper red marks than I felt was acceptable. If you watch the video you can see how chunky my son’s legs are. That may be the reason.

Overall- These diapers absolutely do the job for us but I will only use them for shorter periods of time in the day since I know they can leave red marks. They do happen to come in some pretty cute prints which is a big draw. They also have a minky version.

Where to Buy: My affiliate, Kelly’s Closet, has a few varieties, including both the Goodnight and Square Tab.  The GN is 11.95, the Square Tab is 10.95.  Other stores carry more versions.

If you have used these diapers, I’d love it if you leave a comment and share your experience, good or bad.  This review will see many eyes!

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  • Jenicecream

    Even my thin baby gets extreme red marks from the square tab (& minky, but never tried heavy wetters). She’s 21 months, 23 lbs, & 34″ tall, & even if I set it on the large size & leave the waist & hip snaps loose enough, (too loose really) the red marks are still there – even as a day time diaper. I finally just gave up on them even though I loved the price & their cute colors.

    • Jenicecream

      Btw- legs aren’t chunky in the least, so that’s not it!!

  • I have the Kawaii GN in Aplix, and I have “decommissioned” it from my stash. The laundry tabs didn’t seem to hold in the wash. The last straw came when I practically had to use the jaws of life to remove the Kawaii from the PUL on one of my BGs. It pilled the BG’s PUL!!! Also, I couldn’t ever seem to get a good fit around my son’s legs. He is about 5 and a half months, has fairly chunky legs, but a chunkier belly. He would get the deep red marks around his waist. I’ve set this diaper aside to sell…there are so many others that I prefer.

  • I recently added these to my stash. I LOVE them! They are now my “go to diaper” and work great at night with just the two inserts. Haven’t had any problems with my baby girl’s skin.

  • I am a HUGE Kawaii fan, and have been using them for over 6 months. I had issues with red marks on the thighs too, but I realized that even though they looked bad, they were causing my kids NO discomfort AT ALL and were just marks like from sock elastic. I continued with them and as they have been washed and dried more and more, they have pretty much stopped making marks. They have softened up on the elastic I think, but have not loosened any. On the ethical standpoint, I really would like to know more positive things about this company, but I really do love these diapers. I have square tabs, ultra softs, and velcro pockets, and I have not been anything but happy with all of them. I just bought some more last week and am now exclusively using Kawaii pockets and recommend them to everyone!

    ETA: I have to agree, I don’t love the laundry tabs on the velcro dipes, I prefer to use the snaps.

  • Lesalia17

    I love my Kawaii. Of all the different types, I dont’ see a difference in performance. I think “heavy wetter” was just a name.

  • Lyndsay

    Kawaii overnight are the only diapers that I can trust so far to keep in the leaks. (I’ve never bought a fitted or wool cover b4). My other overnight dipe is the Lollidoo Overnight which is almost 3x more expensive and does not work as well. 🙁
    I do love the prints and the fit. I think these will last longer for fit than my other OS dipes. The fleece does pill faster and more rough with several months use compared to FB, which pills over a much longer period of time and not as rough.

  • I got the goodnight as a desperate attempt to wake leak free in the morning. It worked! The inserts on my goodnight are thicker than my other Kawaii (got one free from Kelly’s Closet) so they will last all night. I think the regular ones I have are 3 layer and the goodnight are 4 layer. My son has little thighs and hips and still needs the smallest setting at 18 pounds on the square tab diaper. On the goodnight and the round tab, he’s on the middle setting. So they would not have fit him as a newborn. Overall, I think they are a great option for moms who really cannot afford 17.95 a diaper and are overwhelmed by startup costs.

  • Also, my heavy wetter was the aplix – the laundry tabs are really a joke and don’t hold at all. I can sew, though, so I added new laundry tabs and now they stick like crazy. So if I were to get a heavy wetter, I’d go for snaps, or know that it will need new laundry tabs for the Aplix.

  • I recently purchased two of the Good Nights because they were a good price, had cute prints, and came with two inserts. I then read that the company didn’t disclose their manufacturing processes which made me dubious to use them. I figured that I had spent the money already, and I tried them. The Good Nights work really well. I have the snap version and the snaps seem sturdy. I haven’t had issues with red marks at all, and they work really well for night time. That being said, they are not my go-to night time diaper, and I still wish I had done a bit more research about the brand before buying them. I won’t stop using them because they work and I’ve spent the money, but I won’t be buying more either.

  • Great review! I understand that these work well for a lot of people, but I just can’t get past the ethics of questionable manufacturing. Personally, if I was stressed enough over money that these would be considered for my stash, I would go to econobums or prefolds and covers not kawaiis. The way I see it,since I save so much with cloth, I don’t mind paying the little bit extra to support a company with ethics. My personal experience with kawaiis is that I have 3 I have received on coupon codes from Kelly’s closet. Two are one size pockets, the other is a goodnight *I think* (it doesn’t fit any of the descriptions of versions I have seen, but it has the thick PUL). I use the “heavy wetter” pretty often, but not for nights or naps. The other two are worthless to me. They leak within an hour. I don’t have issues with any other brands, and they are not repelling, but I can’t seem to troubleshoot. My son (20 months, 27 lbs) does not get the red marks- maybe that is what keeps them from leaking? Regardless, lesson learned for me, will not buy any and I have been avoiding using codes where a kawaii is a possibility.

  • Tiffani

    I have been using the Goodnight Heavy Wetters since last summer. For some reason I have not has stink issues with these, but do with my BumGenius 3.0 So I’ve been using these more lately. They do give my daughter red marks. Even as day time diapers that I leave on her no more than two hours, she still gets marks. The first time I used one for a night time diaper she got the red marks on her legs. It took two whole days for them to go away! So I don’t use them at night any more. I have them in both snap and velcro versions. Like other posters have said the laundry tabs are a joke, don’t hold at all.

  • Brandi

    I’ve received a few of these for free with orders from a couple different sites. I have a Goodnight Heavy Wetter, one of the square cross over snaps one, and 2 with aplix. My 2 months old daughter is 8.5 lbs now and these are not looking like they will be fitting properly any time soon. I can get a snug fit around her waist with the aplix ones, but the legs are gaping open still on all of them(she does have scrawny chicken legs, but other OS pocket diapers are fitting her right now such as BG and FB).

  • Beth

    I have been using KaWaii diapers for almost a year now and am quite pleased with the overall quality and performance. For the price you can’t beat it! I do not experience red marks, but my boys are not chunky. I have found that some KaWaii styles fit better than others and my personal favorite is the Square Tab style. Love it! I wrote a very thorough review on all the KaWaii styles on my blog last summer. You can read my review here: http://happilydomestic.blogspot.com/2010/07/fluff-talk-thursday-20-cloth-diapering.html

  • Erin G

    I have a handful of kawaii dipes, all closing with aplix, and they all work great for me. They come in microfleece and microsuede inners, and I STRONGLY prefer the microsuede. They’re pretty much BG knockoffs, and not quite as good (the back pocket opening doesn’t have the flap, and the velcro tabs are even worse than BG’s), but for the money they’re just fine. I think I paid $8 for each of mine, new, from KC. Great diaper for a budget, no doubt.

  • Samantha

    I have 5 of the Kawaii diapers. I have 4 original square tabs and 1 heavy duty velcro. At first, the diapers were my favorite bc they worked well and are SO inexpensive, now they leak! I have stripped them, but no matter what I do they leak out of the stitching around the legs. On 3 out of 5, the 3 that leak badly have very short stitches and it looks like they backstitched and there are several holes in the PUL. Also. the heavy duty diaper is really big, even on the smallest setting possible, it still gaps around my 20 lb. son’s legs( I don’t have this problem with the snaps). I really wanted this to be a good diaper…but, in my experience it wasn’t.