Wordful Wednesday: Is that a car in your house or are you just happy to see me?

At around 10 PM last night I heard a loud “boom” and felt our house shake.  I was holding a sleeping baby so I waited for my husband to come upstairs because I was sure he felt it too.  “What the hell was that” I asked him.  He had no clue.  It felt like it was coming from the basement.  He took a flashlight and went outside to investigate.  “nothing” he said.

10 minutes later his phone rings and I get up to answer for him.  Then I see first responder lights outside and my heart jumps.  Was that boom an explosion in the house attached to ours?  Was the little girl ok?  Steven came and spoke to our neighbor and he walked outside.

Mirror image this and it could have been our house.

Turns out a car had driven into their house, right into the little girl’s room.  The same room that, in our house, Fletcher sleeps in.  The same room that has Fletcher’s bed 1.5 feet from the same wall that the car hit.  His head was  near that wall.  That could have been our house!  My baby was sleeping in that room!

Inside view of the room

To say I was freaked out was an understatement.  My mind immediately went to the scariest place.  It could have been us.  The girl was in her room at the time and laying in her bed.  Luckily no one was hurt and the car didn’t come inside enough to hit her bed.

We didn’t know at first why this happened.  We assumed the driver was drinking and didn’t stop at the Stop Sign across the street and instead drove into the house.  Later we learned that it was a teenager with a medical condition.  He started a new medication that day which caused him to fall asleep.  The irresponsibility of letting him drive on Day 1 without learning the side effects of the medicine is astounding.  Let this be a lesson to us all.  He could have killed himself or someone else.  He was driving on the road we live off of and nodded off, his car veered into the ditch which pointed it towards our house, and it kept on coming.  Luckily the ditch slowed him down enough that he didn’t hit the house at full force.  He wasn’t awake to try and hit his brakes.

View from the porch

I wanted to go into my son’s room and squeeze him tight all night long.  The thought of this happening in his room still freaks me out.  As a non religious person I can’t say that the Big Guy was looking out for us, or that it was a miracle.  It is what it is.  But don’t think for a second I am not thanking the Universe for the series of events that kept my little boy safe in that bed.  He slept through the whole event and even though I knew a car wasn’t jutting out of his room that didn’t stop me from peeking in to make sure he was still breathing.

This morning, the damage left.
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