Introduction to Cloth Diapers: Fitteds


Continuing on with my Introduction to Cloth Diaper Series I am covering Fitted cloth diapers. I have already covered Pockets, All in Ones, Snap in Ones, Tongue Style All in Ones, Contours, Training Pants, All in Two’s, and more.

A Fitted is a very absorbent cloth diaper that closes using either aplix or snaps.  It can be sized, dual size, or one size.  They can be made from any abosrbent material, natural or synthetic.  The common thread with all fitteds is that they require a cover (it is not waterproof) and the entire diaper is absorbent, front to back and end to end.

Because fitted cloth diapers require a cover this does mean that putting on a fitted, then a cover, is a two step process.



VERY Absorbent. The entire diaper absorbs pee, tip to tip.

Diverse. You can find a fitted in any size, shape or form.  Plus in every kind of material, synthetic and natural.

Easy to make. Many WAHM’s make fitteds, and you could probably make your own if you are handy.  Not having to make them waterproof means an easier sewing process and less room for error.

Cute. Because you can find cotton in a trillion prints and patterns, there are that many cute prints to choose from in the Fitted world.  Ironic since many times the cute is covered by a Cover.

Versatile. Using Fitteds wih no cover is a great way to prevent or heal a diaper rash since it allows more airflow.  You can also use Fitteds in conjunction with ECing (Elimination Communication) to understand when your baby has wet their diaper.


Bulky. Fitteds definitely tend to enhance the booty more than All in Ones or Pockets.  (Why many only use them at night.)

Time Consuming.  Putting on a Fitted, then a cover takes longer than a one step diaper.  There is no arguing this fact.

Drying time. Many fitteds have more layers closer together.  It can take these longer to dry.  Look for fitteds with lay in or snap in soakers or pocket openings.  If all of the layers are sewn and it is one piece it might take a LONG time to dry.

Stink. Fitteds with Microfiber cores that are sandwiched between other layers of natural/synthetic fibers tend to start getting funky more than other types of diapers.  Since Microfiber holds on to things well, it also holds the stink.  Washing that many layers is hard to do well.

Pricey. Even though there are a lot of inexpensive fitteds out there, many “boutique” WAHM brands run close to 30$ each, or more.  They usually use organic materials, like Organic Bamboo Velour, and have beautiful details.

Fitteds and Covers are not the easiest diapers out there. The time consuming nature of them, not to mention the fact that many Daddies don’t know how to tell what is a waterproof diaper and what is not, means you could run into trouble.


There are two major camps for Fitted users: Full time with Wool Soakers and Night Time with Wool or PUL Covers.


Our custom Mario Longies

Wool and Fitteds:

Wool Soakers are not only waterproof, they double as clothing.  This takes care of that “two step” process if you are using Fitteds, plus a cover, plus a pair of pants.  With Wool Soakers the Cover is the same as the Pants.

Nights only Fitted Users:

I actually fall into the Night Time Fitteds and Cover group.  I only use Fitteds at night.  Want to know why?

Most Fitteds have a Natural Fiber as the layer against the baby’s skin, as well as the soaker material.  In fact, usually the entire diaper is a natural material.  Cotton, bamboo, hemp, all of these are common materials used in Fitteds.  They can come in various forms, such as velour, looped terry, and fleece.  In every form they are instantly absorbent.  Once urine hits that surface it goes into the material.  As long as there is enough room in the material to hold liquid, and the cover fits well around the legs, back, and stomach, you’ve got yourself a perfect night time combination.

Fitted on left, Pocket on Right
Fitted on left, Pocket and Insert on right

In addition, fitteds are entirely made of absorbent material.  The ENTIRE diaper absorbs, the tabs, the front, the back, and of course the middle wet zone where the bulk of the absorbency lies.

Pockets, on the other hand, generally fail where the Fitted triumphs~

The Stay Dry lining in *most* pocket diapers is a barrier that wicks moisture away from the skin.  It is permeable (liquid can pass through) but the urine doesn’t go into the layer instantly.  Here is where you get leaks.  The urine is released, possibly at a fast rate, and before it gets through the stay dry layer it finds an escape.  Through a tiny gap at the leg?  Gap at the back?  Tummy? {watch the video beginning at 3:00 for a demonstration of what I mean}

Pockets are also only as absorbent as their inserts. Many parents find that double stuffing their pockets will do, some need ultra absorbent Hemp in addition to a Microfiber insert.  The truth is that pockets only have a core of absorbency no matter how many inserts you use, and how absorbent they are.  Then there is always the possibility that overstuffing your pocket has altered the fit and caused a leak.  It is only absorbing urine in the center of the diaper. There- I said it!

I just can’t stress this enough- if you are having cloth diaper leaks with any other diapers- try Fitteds (or Contours– they are very similar).


Where to buy fitteds shown in the video:

Thirsites Duo 17$* ● ES BabyPooters 12$ ● Orange Diaper Co. 32$Bamboozle 20$*


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  • Allison_barnes

    great post.  I use fitteds at night with wool soakers, shorties or longies.  I occasionally use fitteds during the day when we’re at home for more breathability.

  • Allison_barnes

    great post.  I use fitteds at night with wool soakers, shorties or longies.  I occasionally use fitteds during the day when we’re at home for more breathability.

  • I love my fitteds! My favorites are goodmamas and Mama’s Simple Solutions… she uses Zorb.. and it’s amazing!

  • Casey

    So we love the Thirsties Fitted 24/7–however, we have been leaking at night despite a Thirsties doubler. What is a wool soaker? I’m hearing such great things…

    • Anonymous

      I’ll be doing an Intro Video for Wool at some point. A good first soaker would be the Baby Beehinds Velcro wrap cover. It goes on just like a regular Velcro cover but it is wool. It needs to be lanolized and handwashed but that is only every few days of longer.
      Please excuse typos and brevity. Sent from my iPhone

  • Amy

    We love our fitteds for newborns with a cover – PUL or wool wrap (one that fastens). Our DS who’s now 19 months is in a fitted with wool longies or soaker for overnights to keep as much airflow as possible to keep rashes away.  And I love that the wool is temperature regulating for overnight in our cosleeping bed.

  • MamaBear

    We use fitteds at night too. KISSALUVS with a Polar Babies doubler. If we could afford them i’d love to use the bamboozles as they are GREAT. I Have two of them but i save them for daytime.

    I finally made the leep to wool and found it easier than i thought but what nobody seems to talk about with wool is compression leaks. In my opinion this makes wool unusable for daytime. I do love that i dont have to wash a cover every night though since using wool at night keeps my Thursties duos available for daytime use.