Intro to Cloth Diapers: What is a Snap-in-One?

This post is part of my on-going Introduction to Cloth Diapers series.  If you have missed an installment you can view them all: Intro to Cloth Diapers.

I first heard the term “Snap-in-One” when I stumbled upon the itti bitti line of diapers from Australia a year ago.  Now they are available in the US, but at that time this was a diaper no one had ever heard of here.  Still, the designation was fitting to not only their cloth diaper, but others.  I thought it only fair to distinguish between a true sewn in All-in-One and the Snap-in-Ones.

A Snap-in-One is a cloth diaper that functions like an All-in-One for wash and wear, but the absorbent soaker can be anpped into the diaper or removed if desired. It can potentially be customized with different layer combinations.

A Snap-in-One is sounds like an All-in-Two since many of those have snap in soakers, but AI2’s are only intended to be used once.  SIO layers are usually fabric under the snapping soakers and these would get wet when the soaker was wet.  Snap-in-One’s can be sized or one size depending on the brand.


  • Dries faster than most sewn in AIO’s.
  • Potential for custom layer configurations depending on the manufacturer’s options.
  • You don’t need to remove the soakers to wash.
  • Nothing to stuff or unstuff.


  • The diaper doesn’t have one smooth layer next to the baby’s skin.
  • Certain soakers may bunch or wrinkle up.
  • Can only customize with soakers made by the company (if you want them to snap in).

Yes, a Snap-in-One is an All-in-One, but a different variety.  On the Cloth Diaper Finder, my new database, this is a search parameter of its own.  In the future I may be changing this but for now this is the case.

Brands of SIO’s you may have heard of:

itti bitti D’Lish


Bright Stars

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