Intro to Cloth Diapers: What is a Contour?

As part of the ongoing series: Introduction to Cloth Diapers, I am explaining the plethora of options that new and experienced cloth diapering parents are faced with.

Contours are the best kept secret in cloth diapering.

A Contour is a non waterproof cloth diaper that can be made from any absorbent material.  It is shaped to fit around the baby’s legs and has tabs that fit over the belly.  There are no snaps or velcro so a Snappi or Pins must be used to secure it.  Contours can be Sized or One Size.  They can have leg elastic or not.  Contours are an especially appealing option for newborns; easier than Prefolds and cheaper than Fitteds.  A contour can easily be sewn at home.


  • Inexpensive compared to fitteds.
  • Easy to get a very custom fit around the waist using a Snappi (or pins).
  • Can be absorbent enough for nights (depending on brand)
  • Fold over rise makes (free size) makes for a perfect fit.
  • Can be made at home with little sewing skill.


  • No snaps/velcro looks harder to use and can be for parents new to Snappi’s or Pins.
  • Fold Over Rise adjustments take practice to learn where to set the rise.
  • Some Contours are made with few layers of fabric so a doubler is needed for most babies.
  • Not available in many cloth diaper stores past the newborn sizes.

So far my favorite contour to use has been the Pooters brand.  This Contour is extremely affordable at 6.00, however many parents might find it needs a doubler.

If you are hoping to cloth diaper your baby from birth and don’t want to go the prefold/cover route, Contours are a great compromise.  The adorable Kissaluvs Newborn Contour is inexpensive (although more so than prefolds) but is easier for Dad when used with a snappi.

You can find the One Size Kissaluvs Contour at my affiliate, Kelly’s Closet.  The Pooters One Size Contour can be found on

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