Intro to Cloth Diapers Series: How to Use One Size Cloth Diapers with Leg Elastic Sizing

This post is part of my Intro to Cloth Diapers Series! Each week I will be adding a new video detailing an aspect of cloth diapers that a “newbie” would have questions about.  This week the video is dedicated to Elastic One Size Diapers.

There are 3 major types that you will see:

Pros of Elastic Sizing:

  • More size possibilities than Snap Down Rise sizing
  • Cleaner looking due to lack of unsnapped settings
  • Good for babies with skinny thighs


  • More sizing possibilities also mean a higher learning curve and more chances for mistakes/leaks.
  • Harder to adjust size.
  • More potential for leg leaks due to bunching.
  • Can be easy to over tighten and cause red marks.
  • Not ideal if you have 2 children.  More time consuming to switch between sizes if needed.

Any questions?  Leave them in the comments!

  • Sarah Schulz

    Thanks for the post! I am gravitating to this type- I love my sized diapers but when I need a one size option I like to go for my one size Fuzzibunz. For some reason, my snap down one size diapers always leak on my son because I can’t get a good enough fit. But with the leg elastic I can get a better fit so I personally have fewer leaks. Love it!

    • Anonymous

      It is definitely dependent on the child. If they are not in the “average”
      to which the OS snap down diapers are tailored to, then this option might be
      the best!

  • Natashska

    Thanks for doing this video. We have one softbums omni that we’re hoping to try out with our new LO, but it is a little more intimidating that the other diapers we have so this was helpful.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, it is definitely one of those diapers that works great but you need a
      “class” in to master it. I use them all the time though, they are really

  • Rachel

    Thanks for the video.  I am new to CD and trying to decide which kind to purchase.  My DS is short (23″) and round (15 lbs).  I know you said these are good for skinny legs, are they the best option for vertically challenged babies?

    • Anonymous

      lol! I think they would work well for them since you are in charge of the
      rise and can set them to mostly infinite possibilities.

  • Erin L

    Thanks! I’ve been looking for something that explains how to use the diapers on the shorter rise.