Intro to Cloth Diapers Series: How to Use One Size Cloth Diapers with Leg Elastic Sizing

This post is part of my Intro to Cloth Diapers Series! Each week I will be adding a new video detailing an aspect of cloth diapers that a “newbie” would have questions about.  This week the video is dedicated to Elastic One Size Diapers.

There are 3 major types that you will see:

Pros of Elastic Sizing:

  • More size possibilities than Snap Down Rise sizing
  • Cleaner looking due to lack of unsnapped settings
  • Good for babies with skinny thighs


  • More sizing possibilities also mean a higher learning curve and more chances for mistakes/leaks.
  • Harder to adjust size.
  • More potential for leg leaks due to bunching.
  • Can be easy to over tighten and cause red marks.
  • Not ideal if you have 2 children.  More time consuming to switch between sizes if needed.

Any questions?  Leave them in the comments!

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