Influencers share the Cloth Love!

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Social Media Stars- they’re just like us! They can’t help but share adorable photos of their babies in their cloth diapers. Here are three huge social media celebs that have been, whether they know it or not, making cloth mainstream by sharing fluffy photos online.

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Bethany Hamilton earned her fame unconventionally- at just 13 she lost her arm in a shark attack.  Bethany is a pro-surfer living in Hawaii and gave birth to her son Tobias in June 2015.

It’s well documented that Bethany uses cloth diapers at least part-time- she has an active social media presence and as every proud mom tends to do- she shares adorable photos of her son.  Many fans have noticed that their family uses cloth diapers!  Oh- and she’s a Tula mom.  

Even more amazing- when they use cloth diapers they don’t opt for the hook and loop- they use snaps! She is quoted as saying this about changing diapers-“First I arrange the diaper with my one arm, then I use my feet to lift his legs before reaching and fastening the diaper with my one hand. It’s even harder as we use re-usable diapers, which have a button that you have to fasten.” (Source: Daily Mail UK)  


Reby Hardy is more than just a celebrity who happens to use cloth diapers- she’s an out and proud #makeclothmainstream activist on social media! Reby is a Pro-Wrestler and TV personality as well as a model. She’s also the wife of pro-wrestler Matt Hardy. Her son named Maxel makes frequent, and adorable appearances in her Instagram modeling #alltheclothdiapers. GroVia, bumGenius, Funky Fluff, even WAHM brands- she has them all. Reby is also practicing Elimination Communication (infant potty training) and she’s proficient in many other “crunchy” arts. I’m not ashamed to say I am officially a Reby stalker- her IG is perfection. She’s certainly helping to #makeclothmainstream in each and every photo she posts. Even if she doesn’t realize it, she’s become a bit of a hero to the cloth world!

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As an official Reby IG stalker I should also note that she has taken to collecting baby carriers as well. She’s making all of us jealous with her stashes of diapers AND carriers.

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Jill Dillard (formerly Jill Duggar) is a polarizing figure due to her family’s beliefs. Love her or not, she has 1.5 million Instagram followers and the world is obsessed with how she and her husband are raising their son, Israel. Not long after his birth fans noticed that Jill chose to use cloth diapers, a higly praised move considering her mother’s choice NOT to cloth diaper all 19 children. If Jill and her husband decide to have as many children as she has siblings they will save more than $30,000 on diapers! Not to mention the disposables that would be saved from landfills. Even if you don’t agree with them it’s a positive thing to have her share photos of Israel in his cloth diapers!

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It looks like Jill Dillard uses Rumparooz diapers at least part-time. Or perhaps she only uses for her monthly photos. Either way, it’s a great thing to have her fans exposed to cute cloth diapers.

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We’d love to see more and more influencers using their platforms to knowingly or unknowingly spread the cloth diaper love! The #makeclothmainstreamchallenge will be starting this April. If you know someone who needs to participate leave a comment and we will see if we can’t bring them to the cloth side.

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