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Econobum Video Cloth Diaper Review

I first saw the Econobum at ABC Kids Expo in September.  I already knew about it from stumbling across the iParenting award it won before its release.  I blogged about it back in August, and many of you heard about it here first!  I knew it would be a diaper I had to try, and […]

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Flip and Econobum Reviews, Should I? *UPDATE

UPDATE: Kelly’s Closet has generously offered to send the Flip and Econobum for review.  I am very grateful to them for making these reviews happen.  I know the videos will help parents who are trying to decide between the two, or who are wondering how the Flip/ Gro Baby systems differ.  I am also so […]

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iParenting Awards for Cloth Diapers! And, What are “Econobums?”

A few of our favorite brands here at DDL have won iParenting awards!  Congratulations to Sweet Pea Diapers, whose video review you can see here, Fuzzibunz (whose One Size I will be reviewing in two weeks), Bummis, and Cottonbabies for their new Econobums! Now, the question remains, what are Econobums?  This is the description given […]

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Why You Should Use and Love Flats {Video+Infographic}

To say I love flat cloth diapers is an understatement.  There are no diapers that compare when it comes to versatility, affordability, and wash/dry friendliness.  So they may take longer to learn than a wrap and go style of modern diaper… so what?  Practice on your teddy bears and bribe your baby with a toy […]

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Newborn Cloth Diapering: The Basics

Using cloth diapers on a newborn may something you are looking forward to, or dreading, or both.  There is no easy way to put this- it is hard.  Not hard in the sense that using the diapers on your baby is hard, that is the easy part.  It is hard because there are so many […]

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2013 Year in Review {Video}

There’s only one day left in the year 2013!  Instead of my typical end of the year post where I recount the top moments of the year, I’ve decided to put it in video format.  Covered in this video are highlights from the year in cloth diapers as well as a few personal reflections about […]

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Black Friday Sales 2013- It’s THE List! Find the best cloth diaper deals!

With close to 50 stores listed this is your go-to source for Black Friday specials on cloth diapers and more! Updated sales are in purple.  This year, we’ve decided to let you get in on the game a little bit early! Our discount code will be in effect starting at 11:00 pm EST on Thursday, […]

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See the Newest Cloth Diaper Products and Prints from ABC Kids Expo {Videos}

I know many of you were bummed that you couldn’t attend ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas, either because it was too far away or because it isn’t open to the public.  For this reason I thought it would be fun to film the new cloth diaper products and print releases during my time there. […]

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Cheap and Easy Cloth Diaper Solutions for the Budget Minded Family- Solving Diaper Need

For a lot of us the issue of diaper need isn’t something we think about, whether you cloth diaper or not.  When you are low on diapers you either wash a load or run to the store for a new package.  Not everyone can.  In fact, according to a study performed by Huggies and their […]

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3rd Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge May 20-26

The 3rd Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge is back! This year we will begin on May 20 and end the evening of May 26 to make it a full 7 days. This event aims to bring awareness and educate cloth diapering families and beyond about the benefits and feasibility of using flat cloth diapers, the […]

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Bummis Duo-Brite, Little Tunas, Opulent Monsters