Inappropriate Elf- Elfye North’s Bound 4

Inappropriate Elf- Elfye North’s Bound 4

Each year since it began I’ve participated in Baby Rabies’ Inappropriate Elf contest.  If you’re new to the concept it involves our favorite holiday tradition, the Elf on the Shelf, and putting him in compromising positions while taking photos.  The photos are submitted to Baby Rabies and fun is had by all.  I’m so glad it is back this year!

My submission this year was entirely my husband’s idea.  As soon as he said it I knew it was way better than my idea!  In previous years my Elf saw fame as Dexter the Elf and role-played as an adult diaper wearer.



Wyatt, my elf,  got into a music video! He was inspired after seeing the Kanye West video, Bound 2… but even more inspired after seeing the Seth Rogen and James Franco version, Bound 3. So his version is obviously Bound 4.

The making of Bound 4


After finding a motorcycle that worked from Target and a green posterboard, my husband and I teamed up for this one. I knew the lighting would be hard to match but I held 2 flashlights, one on Barbie’s face and one on my elf’s face, plus we had lighting for the green background. My husband took the photo and gets credit for rigging her hair with a twist tie since we had no fans to blow the hair! With the picture finished it went to my video editing software to chroma key out the black and replace that with a scene most like the scene from the video. As a bonus, I took a little bit of video and made a .gif.

Make sure you check out all of the other entries once they are posted.  It is great for a laugh!

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  • efloraross

    I was hoping someone would do this! Heh heh! 🙂 Great job w/the video!!!

  • Meg

    This is hilarious!

  • steph74

    how can I watch the video? I cant open it anywhere

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  • This is so funny!

  • Jess

    Awesome! Can’t find the video on YouTube? Did it get taken down? no link in this article..

    • kimrosas

      The “video” is not real, just a photoshopped image. And the video I did is only the length of the .gif here on the blog.