I’m Breastfeeding all over America. Boston Edition.

Over the long weekend the husband and I drove to Connecticut to visit some friends.  They had a labor day party, and so we heard free food and drove 4 hours!  To make the most of our drive we also took a day trip to Boston the next day, which was only 1 hour from their home.

After going to the party we stayed in a hotel in Auburn MA.  We left around 9:30 am the next morning for Boston.  Fletcher was amazing on all of the drives by the way.  When we got there Fletcher went into my Ergo and we walked all over Faneiul Hall.  I had a delicious lunch of Bacon Wrapped Scallops, Steven went for some New England Clam Chowder!  Next we walked to some sites.  I stopped to feed Fletcher on a bench.  Did I mention it was freezing that day?Steven stopped at a historic Oyster Bar and had a quick bite to eat.  Next we visited the Holocaust Memorial, which was very powerful and simple.  The grates beneath you emitted hot steam so there is a smokey effect.  All of the walls are covered in numbers, and there are quotes from survivors and witnesses.

Our main objective, or my husband’s, was to go on a Duck Toar.  A Duck boat can ride on land and water, so you do a 45 minute tour of historic Boston sites on land, then drive directly into the water to tour the harbor.  Fletcher nursed on the “boat” and fell asleep.  He slept the entire time!

Once we disembarked we headed for the oldest ship still floating, the USS Constitution.  I will admit that it was pretty cool to tour such an old boat.  We were the last tour of the night and there were sailors everywhere polishing the brass.  At one point, Fletcher got hungry.  I snuck away from the group and breastfed him in the Ergo.  There was a sailor behind me but he didn’t say a word.  I find it hilarious that he nursed on such an old boat in front of a sailor!

Now, for the worst part.  After the tour we realized all of the trolleys were done for the day.  We were stranded across the bridge.  We had to hoof it all the way back to our car, which was a 20-30 minute walk.  I only had my Ergo and after almost an entire day of wearing him my hips were wearing out.  They aren’t 100% healthy.  Steven took him for the last leg of the walk.  We had a quick bite at McD’s and saw a homeless person shouting match.  We caught a street performer for a few minutes.  Then we got all the way to the car only to find we needed more cash to pay all the toll roads.  I changed Fletcher into his nighttime diaper and jammies for the ride back.  We used cloth the entire trip.  I love my Planet Wise wet bags!  We went back into Faneiul Hall for the ATM.  Somehow we walked out with coffee and a Boston Cream Pie!  I don’t know what happened!  I drove us home and we got back at 1 am.  Fletcher slept the entire ride back, as planned.  So now I can add MA and CT to my fictitious “Breastfeeding Across America” map.  After next week Las Vegas will be added!!!

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