If you have a baby you need a Nosefrida

Ever heard of Nosefrida?  No?  Well, let me put this as delicately as possible.  Nosefrida is a snot sucker powered by mom.  It is also the greatest invention for babies that won’t break your bank (15.00) and will save you a whole lot of heart ache.

Now is the season for colds.  I know this because both of my kids are getting over them and so am I.  I don’t know what is worse, a sick and whining toddler who is constantly wiping snot over his face with his hand, or a helpless baby who needs you to manually remove snot from their nose for them to breathe.

Bulb syringes are the devil.  They are thin and pokey, using repeatedly can cause nose bleeds and irritation for the baby, and they aren’t terribly effective. I always had to repeat the suction over and over with little result.

I got my Nosefrida over a year ago.  The timing wasn’t great, my first son was pretty wriggly at the time.  No matter what form of nose suction I used, it required two hands.  He thrashed and screamed.  But since it was a two handed job no matter what, I always chose the Nosefrida.

With a non mobile baby the Nosefrida is even more amazing.  My poor Everett was so congested a few nights ago he could hardly breathe.  I brought out ol’ faithful and starting sucking out boogies.  You know it is good when you hear this wet suction sound and see the snot in the tube.

I could hear the snot getting pulled from the deeper nasal cavity, truly relieving him of his congestion.  Bulbs can never get this deep, and you wouldn’t want to because that would be irritating to the baby’s nose.

How does the Nosefrida work?

There are 4 pieces.  A tapered plastic tube with a small hole opening at the tip, a cap attached to a long tube, a red mouthpiece, and a tiny foam cylinder filter which will prevent any snot from entering the tube.

The tapered tube is meant to create a vacuum in the baby’s nostril. Only a tiny portion is truly inside their nose, but it is not going to irritate them at all.

Once you have this inside your nostril, you are going to put the red mouthpiece in and suck.  I don’t want to sound gross, but you really need to suck.  Don’t get discouraged if you aren’t hearing something.  This does take some practice.  Just keep in mind you need a ton of lung power.

Once you hear that wet “squishy” vacuum noise you know you are doing it.  You will start to see a lot of mucous enter the tube.  Don’t worry, even if you have super lungs and you manage to suck the mucous all the way up the tube, there is that tiny sponge filter which will keep it out of the tube and out of your mouth.

If you have a weak stomach you might gag at the sight of the snot.  My husband did.  It doesn’t bother me in the least.

My advice if you have one or plan to buy one is: rinse the tube right away. I am awful about this because the most use my Nosefrida gets is in the middle of the night when my kid is congested the most.  But letting the snot dry is a bad idea, trust me.

My other advice is: get over the gross factor.  This product is so effective you will wonder how you lived without it.  Sick kids are the worst.  Babies can’t blow their noses.  Babies need to breathe without obstructions to nurse and sleep comfortably.

I promise you, this is an investment worth making.  If your baby is in the mobile phase it is definitely more of a challenge if they put up a fight.  Still, getting them cleaned out before bed is worth the trouble.  Going from hearing the crackled, congested nose, to clear breathing, is worth all the snot sucking in the world.

Right now the Nosefrida is on sale on Amazon.com (affiliate link) with free shipping!

Nosefrida The Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator

I received a Nosefrida as swag at a conference over a year ago, but I would have written this review had I paid for it too!  I was not compensated for my review.

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  • This interested me, so I clicked on the link to Amazon. I read some of the reviews there, and some folks were pointing out the germ factor. That even though the filter keeps the snot out of your mouth you are still going to end up with your sick child’s germs in your mouth and lungs. :-/
    Have you had any troubles with this…getting the same illness as your child?
    I really like the idea of this product. I hate using the bulb syringe and I hate it when my babies can’t breathe!
    jccchocolate at gmail dot com

  • Savannah

    I love my NoseFrida! Thanks for bringing some attention to it!

    Have you heard of the Itzbeen? It’s a baby care timer and my all time favorite baby gadget. If you haven’t checked it out… you should! 🙂

    Love your blog!!

  • Laura

    Oh, how we love the snot sucker! It is effective and I’m glad to have an option over the bulb. I haven’t had the problem of getting my child’s sickness since the last couple of colds were caught from me. 🙁 I agree that you should clean it right after use. Clean up is so much easier if you do. Also, it’s not gross at all, if that’s holding someone back from buying it. When you have a sick child the icky sound it makes is gratifying! Really.

  • We love the Nosefrida too! As soon as I got my hands on it at ABC two years ago, I threw out the ineffective bulb aspirators that only frustrated me. All of my girlfriends who have had babies since then have received one from me with their shower gift. It is simply the best! Personally, I do not change the filter with EACH use, but we do sell it at our store as a package with the replacement filters -the last thing you need when a cold strikes, is to have to worry about buying more filters. My four year old likes to hold it himself – I am waiting for the day he tries to aspirate his own nose! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Selena, I know what you mean! I am the NoseFrida preacher to my friends! I
      think it makes a great shower gift if you know the person well. Some people
      might get a little grossed out by it though! I don’t change the filter very
      often…… I am bad!

  • OMG are you kidding me?! I HATE the bulb syringe but this sounds really disgusting. You honestly can’t get snot in your mouth? My entire household has been sick for 5 weeks (no lie) and I need this for my 17mo.

    • Anonymous

      promise, no snot will get in your mouth!