I would sell my kidney for….

This Bike.
Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes

I remember a few weeks ago Gizmodo.com posted this on their blog. I went apeshiz. I had to have it. But the price tag is steep. 1,300. I don’t have that!!!!

So, readers of my blog, do me a solid. Click that banner! They are giving away 2 bikes. I don’t think I will make it into the top 20 of traffic referrers, but a girl can dream.

I can just see myself carting around my adorable son in this amazing Syracuse weather. I would most definitely wear an adorable sun dress and pig tails (I will make pig tails since my hair is short) to match my bike.

Do you love me? Do you want me to be happy? Then clicky clicky clicky!

Oh, and I will be posting a link in my sidebar too.  You could click that as well.  🙂

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  • You’ve been tagged darlin! Hope you win your bike!

  • I also would sell my kidney for one of these.  Maybe there is someone out there who happens to have two Madsen bikes and needs a mismatched set of kidneys? 

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