I used to be Hot….

Circa 2007

And now I am a Mom. There are days I take off my PJ’s, take a shower, then put my PJ’s back on. Others where I put on jeans and a plain shirt, and the rare day where I put on “nice” clothes and leave the house.  I am not saying being hot and being a mom are mutually exclusive; I just haven’t been able to balance keeping up appearances and working from home/raising kids/doing housework.

My husband often reminds me of how much he wishes I had my short hair again, or that he loves it when my eye shadow is “darker” and cooler. And so do I, but keeping a hair style can be pricey and putting on my full face is time consuming!

I also used to take the time to get a new piercing or new tattoo every once in a while. At one point I had my nose, tongue, lip, navel, and……. ahem…. pierced. I have 4 tattoos and all but one are Smashing Pumpkins related. I would love more tattoos but again, they are expensive and time consuming. Plus I am hoping to find an AMAZING artist to do my half sleeve in the future.

Rockin' no makeup and a pony tail.

Blogging, kids, and keeping house consume my entire life (not in that order). I know I need to take better care of myself and make time for my outside interests or hobbies. My husband would appreciate it and it would make me feel better. I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight and fitting back into my skinny size 2’s (thank you breastfeeding- I know it had nothing to do with diet or exercise since I have done neither) so my body deserves a little accentuation.

I have ordered a new pair of specs (eyeglasses are my favorite accessory) and will be getting a hair cut today! I have no idea what I am going to do with it. I have an insane high end make up collection but stick to the basic colors so I think I should get back into that. Sephora called and said they missed me and my money.

How do you juggle keeping up with fashion/hair/makeup and your mommy duties?

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