How to Periscope- a Guide for New Viewers and Broadcasters {Video} {GIFS}

How to Use Periscope- a Guide for New Viewers and Broadcasters . Great look at this new social media platform and helpful video walkthrough!

How to Use Periscope- a Guide for New Viewers and Broadcasters .  Great look at this new social media platform and helpful video walkthrough!

I’ve only been a Periscope user for about 1.5 weeks and it’s my new favorite social network.  Thanks to @TheBabyGuyNYC and @SprayPal I was forced to update my phone so that I could enjoy the network and stop listening to them say how amazing it was.  They were RIGHT.

So what’s Periscope?

Periscope is a social network that’s more interactive and engaging than any other because you can view (or host) live video streams by/to anyone, anywhere in the world.  The possibilities are endless, the applications are diverse, and there’s probably going to be a lot of ways you can watch people around the world do a lot of bizarre things.  Unlike other video apps that have never appealed to me (SnapChat, Chat Roulette, etc) this one seems to have potential as a business and viewer.

Lots of people in our little community (cloth diaper/natural parenting) are hopping on this train and you probably should too.  After learning more about it I’ve filmed a video tutorial that will detail 4 sections: Intro to Periscope, Discovering Live Scopes, Interacting With Scopes, and Hosting a Scope.

Periscope Introduction

Intro to Periscope:

To get started you will download the app and sign in using your Twitter handle.  If you don’t have one I’m assuming they will allow you to create a new account.  With your Twitter “following” list you will first want to follow people on Periscope so that you have some entertainment.  I keep notifications on for now but as I follow more people I am starting to remove notifications for anyone who I don’t care to see scopes from if they do it too frequently.  Keep the notifications on for people you really want to follow!

Finding a Periscope on Map

Discovering Live Scopes:

There are various ways to discover live periscopes.  Other than the notifications you will receive on your phone when a new broadcast starts by someone you follow you can also check your list once you have logged in.  To view broadcasts of people you aren’t following hit the Globe icon at the bottom of your screen- you can view scopes as dots on a world map- zoom in to see individual dots and click one.  You can find other scopes by switching to the List view and featured scopes from “popular” accounts with lots of viewers will usually show in the top 3.

Leaving comments and hearts on Periscope

Interacting With Scopes:

To interact with the scoper(s) you can leave questions or comments using a text box at the bottom of your screen.  As shown in the video, people broadcasting will see your comments and questions as they scroll past.  With any luck they will see yours and answer your question- say hello back- etc.  You can show your appreciation for their scope by tapping the screen- hearts will appear in the bottom right that float up.  The heart color coordinates with the color of your username.  You can leave up to 500 in one public broadcast.  Hearts given in private scopes don’t count towards the total heart count of a Periscope user.  The more hearts a user has the better they may rank in Periscope broadcast lists, or they may possibly be a featured user.  These are not all clear since it’s such a new network.

Follow/Block a Periscope User in Chat

To interact with other viewers you can click their comments to either- view their profile and follow them, reply to their comment, or block them.  This goes for those hosting scopes or viewing.

Hosting a Private Periscope

Hosting a Scope:

Hosting Broadcasts is simple.  Start in an area where people can hear you and that has good lighting if it’s a scope of you speaking to the camera.  You will want to make sure you give your scope a good, engaging title that explains what you’re showing/talking about.  You can use emoji in the title. Use your camera to focus on the subject of your scope right from the start to make the thumbnail one that’s relevant.  Check that you have the settings the way you want them- Do you want location sharing on/off?  Is this a public broadcast or would you like to only share with a small group or an individual? (how to start a private broadcast is shown above)  Should everyone get to comment or just your followers?  Then you’re ready to hit LIVE and start scoping!

Tell people about what’s going on and remember, just like on a radio show, repeat who you are and what you’re doing once in a while.  People will be joining throughout the broadcast.  It’s ok to ask for hearts but don’t be tacky about it.  The point is to engage- not beg.

Brands- Periscoping is such a fun way to interact with your fans and loyal customers or potentially earn more.  I would definitely follow Spray Pal (@SprayPal on Periscope) as a good business to learn tips on Periscope from.  They’re over 100k hearts already!

Retailers- Showcasing your store, special events, new products in stock, and fun “getting to know you” scopes are great ways to interact with your customers.

Bloggers- We are using Periscope as to host educational sessions about menstrual cups that bring in viewers of all backgrounds.  It’s been a great way to reach a new audience versus “preaching to the choir” as it can seem here on DDL.

Everyone- Hosting scopes of live concerts, breaking news, your local food scenes, or family occasions are just a few ways you can use the platform.  For family events you can invite so many members privately to view your scopes as “Facetime” with everyone at once!

Headphones on Periscope

Other Tips:

Periscope devours battery juice- if you start using this app often to view or broadcast keep that in mind! Headphones are great for watching and when you are broadcasting. There is a delay so the broadcasters can often be behind by several seconds before they see a question. Make sure your ringer/volume are on in order to hear the broadcast.  Location is not exact but pretty darn close- if scoping from home use common sense- don’t show your home number, exterior, street etc that would make it easier for creepers to find you. Consider turning location off when doing scopes from home for that reason. There are adult content scopes out there- careful before you click! There doesn’t seem to be a way to filter out content by rating at this point.

Remember: Periscope is the ANTI-PINTEREST!  It’s your own live TV and we all know the best bloopers come from live broadcasts.  I’ve already had my son walk in during a Put a Cup in It broadcast and begin to tell a Minecraft story… and showed my nasty garage to every viewer on accident.  


While this video didn’t touch on every single possibility hopefully you’ve got a better understanding of why everyone has been talking about, and joining, Periscope.  Make sure you follow my accounts- @KimRosas and @PutaCupinit.  Anything diaper related and personal will be shared as KimRosas and the menstrual cup and reusable menstrual options discussions will be hosted on PutACupinIt.

 Let me know if this has been helpful!  Apologies for the poor lighting- I meant to pull the yellow and red out but it was already a looooong post to create and I forgot to before uploading.  

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