How to Pad Fold a Flat- Easy to Follow Video Tutorial

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Arguably, the Pad Fold is the easiest way to use flats. This fold turns a large square/ squarish piece of cloth into what can be used as an insert or a soaker to be laid into a cover.

Pad folding means no pins or snappi’s to mess with.

Many mamas love Pad Folded flats as pocket inserts because they wash up like a dream and dry even faster! Plus, the added bonus is that Flats (birdseye flats) are cotton and less prone to the stinkies.

The downside to the Pad Fold is that, depending on the size of your flat, if you need to fold the top over to accommodate a shorter baby it might be bulky up at the front or back.

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  • Wouldn’t it be more comfortable on the baby to have the side w/o the folds up against their skin? If I did it that way, would the absorbency be any different? Thanks.

    P.S. I actually have some flats on the way to me as I type. :)

    • Anonymous

      I do, and did when I put the flat in the diaper, but wanted to show how it was folded. I don’t like the seams on them either :)

      • Thanks! I think I may try the pad fold with our Hemp Baby doubler inside my 3 y.o. night time FB. I’m not liking the MF smells so much. :p

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