How to Insert and Remove a Menstrual Cup {Video}

Warning: This post will use the words “vagina” “insert” and “blood.”  This post and video will not contain graphic images or real live footage of either insertion or removal, rather, it will simulate these actions using a champagne glass.

By far, the questions I receive most about menstrual cups relate in some way to either “How do I get in in there and get a good fit?” to “How can I remove this thing without getting blood all over me?”  It took me a while to work up the chutzpah to film and post a video demonstrating these acts.  Plus, how does one demonstrate something so personal without actually showing a vagina?!

The solution was to use the trusty champagne glass, and to simulate the process of removal step by step on a toilet while fully clothed.  Most people just don’t know what to do with the cup when it is out and full, so I’ve taken that process and filmed it.  The cup itself doesn’t have menstrual fluid, rather, it is a mixture of olive oil and fruit punch to simulate the viscosity.

The video is self explanatory so please, watch and learn!

Next week I will have two more videos covering  the other questions ranging from “Can you poop with these in??” and “What happens when you do a cartwheel?” to “Will it stretch me out?”  There are *almost* no stupid questions so I was happy to answer these for the over 500 comments that were left on my first cup video.  My audience on DDL is mostly adults who have given birth, but the audience on YouTube is much more diverse, and includes young girls.  These girls deserve answers so I hope these videos help to that effect.

Convinced?  You can buy a Lunette – or Diva Cup on  Make sure you double check that you are buying the right size!  If you cloth diaper you can also buy menstrual cups at most diaper stores including Diaper Junction and Kelly’s Closet(*these are affiliate links, purchases made using them will provide me with a small commission)


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  • Faty o

    Great info and great video, I would love to try the cup but I’m kind of afraid if it would hurt me or I would be uncomfortable because just once tried tampons and I hate them, I’m also looking into cloth pads, but thanks for this information its really useful. God bless you. (sorry for my english I speak spainsh lol :D)

  • Colleen Dunlop

    I have referred countless people to this video, it changed my life!!! I started using my cup 3 months ago and it just gets better and better. I love your diaper videos but this one just takes the cake.

  • Stefanie

    I love my cup! Thanks to you I’ve have the courage and knowledge to give it a try!!

  • Fae

    That is the best video I have seen! I loved the insider’s tip on getting a good seal. I always have issues with that!

  • cborrero

    I use summers eve wipes to clean out the cup, my vagina and my hands while in public restrooms!

  • Jess

    Thanks for the vid… quick question… just trying the Eva menstrual cup for the first time this cycle… how far should the actual stem be inside of you? It is not protruding, but I can feel it if I slightly insert a finger. I’ve seen where others say it shouldn’t be easily felt, but that seems to be as far up as I can get it? I don’t feel any pain or discomfort from it… maybe I slight twinge of a cramp in my abdomen area just after inserting, then no issues. Should I be trying to get it further up?

    • kimrosas

      It should be fine as long as it is comfortable for you- there’s no magic number for that distance from stem tip to opening since everyone is different too!

  • Diana Z

    I love this video! Makes so makes so much sense after you explain it like this.

  • Grace

    Can you try out your cup even if your not in your period?

    • Amber Shannon

      I did, because I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t be freaking out about all the blood when I was cramping hard. As long as you don’t leave it in for very long, I’d say it’s okay to try out beforehand. I couldn’t find the answer for this question anywhere so I had to try it out for myself!

  • victoria

    I am trying to get the cup inserted properly and I am using the punch down fold. My question is if the whole cup will just slide into the vaginal opening? I think it’s hard to know when I can release the cup and let it expand. I wonder if there is a way for someone to make a more detailed picture/diagram. Like, if there is a gate, how far past the gate does it have to go before you can release it and let it unfold? I could never get it all the way into the opening. a part of the base partially sticks out.

  • Tiffany

    What a wonderful video! Trying it out for the first time and having some trouble but going to keep trying. Anyone care to share if they have an IUD and use this?