How to get your Husband to Cloth Diaper

Getting your husband (or Significant other) to change a dirty diaper, let alone a cloth diaper, is a challenge for some moms and moms to be. The general population is unaware of the “modern” cloth diaper. I remember when I first told my husband I wanted to CD his response was, “Then you will be changing all of the diapers.” And honestly at the time I was ok with that. I would have rather changed them all myself than use disposables.

Almost 5 months into our journey into cloth diapering and I can proudly say that my husband has been onboard since day one. Why the 180? Because I schooled him on the ease of cloth diapers. He appreciates the money we are saving, and I think he even likes that we are being green as well.

Most likely if you are looking into cloth diapering you are being bombarded with options. Prefolds and covers? Fitteds and covers? All-in-ones or All-in-twos? Pockets? G Diapers? Whoa…. what? I did months of research online before I made my pick. My husband was on board with my choice of Bum Genius One Size Pocket Diapers. When I told him I was using prefolds and covers for the early weeks he declared “No.”

Guess what? My husband did learn to put a prefold and cover on!!! I showed him how, he watched attentively, and at times he even used his new found knowledge to change our son’s diaper!

Men are not as hopeless at diaper changing as we think. The one advantage I had was this: Before our son my husband had never, ever changed a diaper. There was no comparison. He could imagine that disposables were easier, but in reality he had no point of reference. For dads who have changed diapers before, you may have a harder time convincing. Here is my advice to get them onboard:

1.  Stats.  Use the tool at your fingertips!  Find the cost of cloth diapering with the method you will use and compare it the total cost of disposables until potty learning.  While the initial investment is high, the overall cost is low.  And don’t forget, you can find online stores to register for cloth diapers for your baby shower.

2. Ease of Use. If your husband is dead set against cloth, I wouldn’t go running for prefolds and wool!  Ease him into it with All-In-Ones.  They go on the exact same as a disposable and there is no pulling inserts covered in poop out of the back.  Drying time is high but it could be worth it for some extra help!

3. Health benefits. If you have ever seen a bad diaper rash on your children or friend’s children you know how awful they look, and undoubtedly feel. While not 100% rash proof, cloth diapers are much better for your baby’s skin.  Most likely, your child will never get a rash.  My son has yet to have any rash or irritation from our diapers.  

4. The Green Factor.  Not everyone cares.  But let your husband know that by using cloth you are doing yourselves and the earth a favor.  

5. Trash Duty.  Does your husband end up taking out the trash?  Imagine the amount of bags you will be throwing away each week.  Do you throw out 3 or 4 now?  Just wait… you may just end up taking a bag a day out to the garage.

6. The Stink Factor.  Poop stinks.  Fact.  bags of garbage full of poop stinks.  Fact.  A weeks worth of garbage bags full of poop stink.  Fact.  If you wash your diapers every 2 days you will keep your nursery smelling fresh as a daisy.  The nose has it!  Cloth FTW.  

7. Per my husband- Do the laundry! I yelled over at my husband, “What made you decide to do cloth with me?  And he answered, “You do all the laundry.”  While this might sound sexist, it is more a testament to my husband’s personality.  He isn’t a laundry kind of guy.  I am a SAHM so I have the luxury of doing it all myself.  If this is you, then by all means do the diaper laundry.  Your husband will never know the work involved in cloth diapering.  If not, then do what works for your family.  Who knows, you could have a husband who might not mind.  


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  • Great post! One of the hardest thing to do is convince someone who probably won’t be much involved in the process, that cloth diapers are a good idea!
    Until you touch a cloth diaper, find one(s) you like and that work for your routine, cd’ing can seem daunting and expensive and well, gross.
    Thanks for spreading the word on just how simple and effective cloth can be!

  • Never had to worry about getting anyone on board (though, I’d still love to convert some of my expecting friends to cloth before their baby’s born). My husband was the first to bring up cloth diapers once we confirmed we were expecting, and I didn’t need any more convincing than he did. The savings, the environmental factor, and the ease of use had me from the beginning. It was the cuteness factor (and now the health benefits since I know what’s in disposables … yuck!) that has kept me hooked. My hubby does laundry and changes more than his fair share of diapers since he’s currently a SAHD.

    I never understood why husbands don’t want to change diapers, even when they’re disposables. You helped bring a kid into the world—it’s your responsibility to take care of it, too! It’s just poop. Everyone poops. Anyway, that just boggles my mind.

  • Clothmomm1

    I just told my husband that we were going to cloth diaper (trust me, he knows better than to try to stop me from doing something that I am passionate about).  We used prefolds and covers from day our daughter was born until she could fit her AI2’s.  My husband took 2 weeks off after her birth and he did nearly ALL of the diaper changes and about half of the laundry in that time.  I had him practice snappi-ing prefolds onto a doll I bought specifically for that purpose- he was better at it than I was!  And it was me who had never changed a diaper in my life.  Now that my husband has gone back to work (and I don’t have a bad nearly 3rd degree tear in my perineum), I do nearly all of the diaper changes and all of the laundry- but I don’t mind.

  • Irina

    with our first, it was a total no no. We didn-t have a washing machine, he was doing part of the changing and he did ALL the poopy stain removal from the clothes. I honestly couldn’t afford clothing since services are 4 times more expensive than disposables (specially if you’re good at finding deals online). Anyway, this time, he’s sick, he is not changing diapers and he’s not dealing with poopy clothes, plus we scored a new HE washing machine that does not require installation and does not produce suds, so I decided to give it a try. First I told him and he said that if it made me happy, to go ahead, but once the first package arrived, his horror face was such that one would have thought that he was just about to be bombed with a poop canyon. He said that we had evolved enough so that we wouldn’t have to deal with cloth diapering! that I never told him I was going to do it immediately and that poop free cloth diapers were a pipe dream!! what do I do???

  • I had to do the opposite to get my hubby to agree to let me cloth diaper. I said “hey you won’t ever have to change a diaper, now!!” especially with flats, I am pretty much the only one changing our 2 year old son, due to the “difficulty” of flats.

  • Jen

    The Spray Pal was the ONLY way I could get my husband on board with cloth diapers. Now he LOVES spraying them!