How to Fold a Prefold- 4 Video Tutorials- Jelly Roll, Angel Wing, Bikini Twist, and Trifold


Yesterday I posted my Intro to Cloth Diapers video on Prefolds.

Today I have 4 video tutorials for how to do different folds using a prefold.

1. the “Jelly Roll”

This is a great fold for newborns because the legs are rolled in, giving you a pocket to contain the liquid newborn poops.  It is also easy enough that anyone can do it.

2. the “Angel Wing” fold.

I used this fold with my first son almost exclusively in his newborn phase because it was quick and easy.  Hubby was even able to do it.

3. the “Bikini Twist” fold.

A common complaint about prefolds (and cloth in general) is that it is bulky between the legs.  This fold narrows the prefold in the crotch which is good for mobile babies.  This also could be problematic for runny poop, FYI.

4. the “Trifold”

Easy as 1,2,3.  In 5 seconds you can fold a prefold, lay it in a cover, and apply it to your baby.  Some covers are better suited for this though, so be aware of that.  Look for covers with flaps made for this or ones that are more “channeled” between the legs and less poofy and round.

I hope you all find these videos easy to follow and informative.  Prefolds are not scary.  What they are is cheap.  Cheap is good.

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  • My favorite with my toddler was the angel wing… and then I would usually roll in the sides after it was on as well.  So I guess it was Angel meets Jelly Roll!!

    • Anonymous

      I do that as well so they fit under the covers better 😉

  • After getting some (never used!) thirsties covers with some second hand diapers I purchased, I decided to add in prefolds/covers just in case my new DS is on the small side. These helped soo much and I feel more confident. Thank you!

  • Abbey R,

    Thank you so much for this! I started later with my first and used pockets and want to use cloth from day 1 with our 2nd and am seriously considering prefolds and covers! These videos rock!