How to Fold a Flat Origami Style

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Folding flats is intimidating!  I scoured the internet to find resources on folding them and came across many helpful tutorials and videos.  I like to put my own spin on things so I also made a tutorial video.

I don’t claim to be perfect on folding flats but so far my method is working on my son.  There are quite a few different ways to Origami fold but I chose the way that worked best for me.

The origami fold gives you about 8-12 layers of absorbency in the wet zone.  In may ways it acts like a prefold once you get the diaper folded.  I found this fold to be more absorbent than the Kite fold, but the Kite fold is a bit trimmer and easier to put on the baby, in my opinion.

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  • Kayla

    I thought I would add my latest tip for getting a good fit with this fold. I bought the large size flats from GMD a few months ago to replace our smaller ones, but my daughter was still too small for them. I kept having to fold over the front when I put them on her and it was bulky and weird looking. So, I started folding the top side down a few inches before the first step where you fold it in half. This make the rise of the diaper fit perfectly but distributed the extra fabric so there wasn’t any excess bulk. Hopefully this makes sense and helps someone who might be struggling with getting a good fit :)

  •  This is my favorite fold.  I roll in a preemie prefold and it is bulletproof for my heavy wetter.