How to Fold a Flat Kite Style


Folding flats in the “Kite” style is actually quite fun!  As the name suggests, Kite Style makes your square Flat look, momentarily, like a homemade Kite.  When you fold each side in you will see it.

I found the Kite style to be very trim.  I also found out that everyone seems to do it just a little differently.  I chose to make a tutorial based on the way I found easiest for me.

The absorbency of this fold is really going to depend on how many times you fold the tip in front over and what size flat you are using.  And, like with any diaper, you can add an absorbent doubler if you need to.

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  • Ginger

    Since my baby has not yet arrived, and I’ve yet to buy a single diaper, I just had a great time folding a floursack dishtowel different ways and putting it on stuffed animals!

    I was planning to just buy prefolds but now I’m thinking I may get a few flats for fun and backup.

    The kite fold doesn’t seem to have much absorbency in the wet zone…. Or in the poo zone. But it is a nice fit.

    I did find this other simple fold that I like too for easy size adjustment:

    Thanks for all of the great info!

    The kite fold doesn’t seem to

  • Thanks! I have used the origami and the pad fold, but had never tried this one. Another thing I like to do is just fold the flat into a prefold (if it’s a big enough flat and a small enough baby) by folding it in half and then folding it almost in thirds, with the sides overlapping in the middle so it is the shape of a prefold. Then from there you can use any of the prefold folds you are used to like the jelly roll or angel or newspaper or bikini twist.

  • Ashley

    When I do this fold I turn the diaper (that I have to fold in a little to get the diaper square) so the folded part will end up partially in the front for an extra layer for my super soaker boy.

  • This is how I folded my brothers diapers!

    • Anonymous


  • Jutta Pearce

    I just did this fold with my newborn (8 lbs. 13oz.) and a Geffen Hemp pre fold. So trim and absorbent. Your fold tutorials have saved me time and again. I actually replaced my old refolds with flats. Love that they work with my 26lb. toddler and my newborn. Thank you for your awesome videos!

    • kimrosas

      Love geffenbaby flats!

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