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dsc_1816Hello out there!  If you are reading this first post, chances are you know me.  You may know me personally or you may be one of my many “internet” friends.  In either case, thanks for stopping by.  I am very excited to get this up and running and I already have a flood of ideas swimming around in my head.  They could very well drown since I don’t know how to swim!!!


The objective of this blog at this moment is to share my personal experience- raising my adorable 4.5 month old son with the intention of being “green”- and in doing so, reviewing the many products and ways I am able to do so.  I knew very early in my pregnancy that I would cloth diaper.  Even before I dove into the vast literature available and the never-ending choices, I knew.  I knew that I could not live with myself if my child produced thousands of diapers, dirty diapers, that would sit in a landfill for 500 years!!!  Yes, it takes that long for a typical disposable diaper to decompose.  The more I researched I was confident that I could make it work.  Now I have been cloth diapering for over 4 months, doing dirty diaper laundry every 2-3 days.  It can get tedious.  It can be exhausting.(note- my washer/dryer are down 2 flights of stairs.  This equals 5 trips up and down for each load of diaper laundry, not to mention my household laundry)  But every time I throw away a cotton ball into my son’s teeny tiny trash can and I see that cotton balls are the only thing in there, I feel amazing.


Please check back soon, I have a video review coming for the new Gro baby Diaper System.

-Kim R.

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