Healthier Cleaning with Earth Mama Angel Baby

I am participating in the 30 Day #EarthMama Challenge with Mamavation.  I was sent these products and am being compensated for the campaign.  All opinions and reviews expressed are that of my own.

It’s amazing to think my baby will be two years old in just a couple months, almost as amazing as realizing she’ll have a sibling to help care for in that time as well. She already loves helping me with everything I do, taking great interest in things like dusting (she gets a clean dry washcloth to wipe down surfaces I’ve already dusted) and putting away her toys with me.

Harper and EMAB

It is such a relief to me that the cleaning products I use are non-toxic and completely safe for her to handle, while still being effective and smelling amazing. One of my current favorites is a household cleaning scrub I made using Earth Mama Angel Baby’s Happy Mama Hand to Toe Wash mixed with baking soda. This easy blend is just the right consistency for gentle scrubbing and is perfect for cleaning the tub and the sink as well as our countertops and our tile floors.

I also love mixing this organic zero toxin soap with a bit of coconut oil and adding it to water in a small spray bottle for Harper’s cloth diaper wipes. It smells so good and is perfect for her super sensitive skin. I just spritz a little of the mixture onto her before wiping her down with a cloth wipe, it makes the cloth glide smoothly while also cleaning and moisturizing her skin.

EMAB natural scrub

Of course, the Happy Mama Hand to Toe Wash is also excellent as a hand soap and a shower gel. The foaming pump allows me to distribute the product exactly where I want it, which is such a relief after fighting with the drippy, watery, thin liquid castile soap I used to use. I would inevitably use far too much as the unforgiving top would release a quick jet of liquid that would often miss my outstretched palm completely. This soft cloudy foam is by comparison a dream come true, offering just what I need and spreading easily across my skin. The grapefruit, lime, and ginger scent combination is perfect for waking me up in the morning, making getting out of bed early to indulge in a long shower even more worthwhile.

The perfect complement to the body wash is Earth Mama’s Body Butter. After my shower I use the body butter to keep my skin smooth and hydrated. I’m now in the third trimester of my pregnancy, and as my body grows and my skin stretches it becomes even more important to support as much elasticity as possible. I love that the lotion spreads so easily and never feels greasy or overwhelming. Some lotions tend to melt away in the rich humid heat of Florida and leave my clothes sticky or damp and my skin parched, but this rich butter soaks right in and leaves me feeling silky smooth.

I love that these products are all natural, safe to use while I’m pregnant, (and while I’m breastfeeding! Harper loves the scent, too!) yet still affordable enough to use every day. It’s guilt free in all the best ways, and an indulgence I think every mama needs.

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