Happy Turkey Day!

Or in our case, Happy Ham Day! We pardoned a turkey this year, sorry pig!

I wanted to take today to thank all of you for being a part of this blog, whether you are here for the giveaways, the cloth diaper information, or you just enjoy my random posts!  Without you, I would be writing to myself, which is almost as crazy as talking to yourself!  This blog has turned into a hobby and supplemental income and I am thankful for both.

And of course, while I am on the subject, I am thankful for my two beautiful boys.  Early this morning I was able to cuddle them both in my son’s twin bed.  It gave me the time to think of how much they make my life worth living.  It is good to remember that when on other occasions they make me want to run from the house screaming!  Same goes for my hubby!  Despite the fact that he doesn’t do things on my schedule, he usually gets them done and he loves our two boys.  Plus, he is cooking dinner for me today!  I am definitely thankful for that!

As a special thank you, if you are entering my giveaways, please get in some extra entries on me!  5 Extra Entries to be exact! You can do this for each of my current giveaways, but only for today or tomorrow.  If you post the entries later than midnight on Friday they won’t count.  Besides, many giveaways end today so do it now if you have time!  5 per person, per giveaway.

Please write “Happy Turkey Day” and a number for each (example: Happy Turkey Day 1) for each comment.

I hope you all (US friends) have a wonderful Turkey, Ham, Turducken, Roast Beef, Goose, or Duck Day! Or, Tofu Day if you are a vegetarian/vegan friend!

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