Happy Heiny One Size Pocket Diaper Review

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This week has been a whirlwind, but I couldn’t let it go without reminding you that it is World Breastfeeding week. This global initiative has sparked countless conversations and hopefully helped to educate or support some people who could use it. I am proud to be nursing my girls, Harper is just shy of 34 months (she’ll be three in October) and Autumn is nine months. When I was younger I’d proudly proclaim that I planned to breastfeed “until my baby has teeth” thinking surely that was what most people did. As friends had babies and I saw how early teeth came in and how they don’t prohibit a nursing relationship I adjusted my thinking to accommodate one solid year. It wasn’t until I had my first child I learned more about the benefits of nursing beyond a year, not only for my child but for myself as well. I could easily write a book about my thoughts on breastfeeding, the benefits, and how it has directly affected my life. But since I try to keep my personal narrative to a paragraph I’ll leave you with this: This week is not to shame parents and caregivers that use formula, it is not to pat each other on the back and feel self righteous, and it is not a ploy to sell breastfeeding accessories to new and expecting parents with special promotions. This week is about opening up a dialogue, presenting an opportunity to talk about breastfeeding, to ask questions, to seek help, to get support. I never would have made it this far if I didn’t have real life “normal” friends to inspire and guide me. Some of these friends stumbled into my life thanks to the internet, social media, and conversations like these. So if you are so inclined, consider a post on your page referencing the week and what it means to you, share some helpful tip that eased your breastfeeding experience or that you wish you had known, or post a picture that inspires you. It may inspire someone else, too. Feel free to share links in the comments, I love reading them.

Today I’m reviewing a pocket diaper from Happy Heiny. I love pockets for their customization options, if the pocket is generously sized with a solid lining (like this one) you can put just about anything inside and create a diaper that works perfectly for you at any given stage with your littles. The insert and doubler you receive with this diaper are a great foundation, but having the option to mix it up is where you will really find the love.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩ This One Size diaper is very easy to use, with a generously sized pocket it is quick and easy to grab your inserts in your hand, stuff them into the enclosure, and use the diaper right away. The hook and loop style I’m trying is perfect for caregivers who may be intimidated by snaps or enjoy the intuitive simplicity of perfectly customizable tape. The h&l is strong and not too sticky, and while after months of heavy use I have noticed the corners of the tape curl up a little, it has not affected their use at all, is barely noticeable unless you’re looking for issues and the strong laundry tabs have kept any wash incidents at bay.  (The snaps version would be a considerable amount harder to get used to as a new cloth diaperer- there are many snaps to affix.)

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩ For $20.95 you receive a pocket diaper with two inserts, one smaller size and one larger size. These diapers are a little on the high side but they are made in the USA with quality materials and while I’ve used this one in heavy rotation for months now it still looks brand new with no special effort aside from a little sunshine to treat staining on the fleece.

Performance ✩✩✩✩ The inserts included with this diaper are three layers each, so if you stack the inserts you have six total layers of microfiber for absorbency. The diaper is lined with a microfleece that keeps moisture away from baby’s skin, so my girls can comfortably wear this pocket at naps as well as while playing. While we prefer this diaper for running around and playing (love that comfy fit) I have found that the addition of a hemp doubler can transition this diaper into a night time solution as well, the pocket is sized generously (much more so than some of my other big name pockets) and leaves plenty of room to customize absorbency which I find to be crucial for pocket diapers.

Fit ✩✩✩✩✩ Comparing this pocket to the older style, you’ll find that Happy Heiny has updated the fit so it is less bulky and a much better fit on skinny babies like Harper. Strong elastic and newly shaped wings means no leg gaps and no leaks. It still has plenty of room to grow and Autumn has no problem fitting within this diaper either. The style I’m trying comes with hook and loop tape that offers a full width strip of tape on the tummy panel and crossover tabs to allow a snug fit on trim babies while also fitting even a very large toddler. Keep in mind if you were to receive a preloved version of this diaper you might find yourself with the original cut that did not fit smaller babies very well, this newer style is my favorite as it offers the best of both worlds.

Overall: This pocket diaper has always been a great solution for big babies or older children in diapers, and will now also work on some skinnier babies. It is intuitive and simple to use, which makes it especially helpful for daycare or babysitters. I love the fun colors and patterns, and it holds up really well over time.

Where to Buy: HappyHeiny.com


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