Happy Heiny’s One Size Pocket

Update: There is an improved and newer version of this diaper on the market.

***correction.  There is a line stating that “Happy Heiney’s are better for bigger babies than babies with chunky thighs.”  I meant to say “AND babies with chunky thighs.”***

This video is a review of the Happy Heiney’s One Size Diaper with velcro.  My overall thoughts on this diaper:  It will fit larger babies better than babies with chunky thighs.  The leg holes are quite large.   The velcro tabs are wide, and would be uncomfortable for a baby who is sitting.  The laundry tabs fail almost every time.  And the appearance is odd one the baby is on a bigger waist setting since one of the velcro tabs will be visible.  There are good things about the diaper:  It is trim, they come in very cute colors and patterns.  It washes well.  Once it fit my son around the legs I rarely had a leak, and if I did it was my error.

I want to emphasize that the review is based on using this diaper on my son alone.  Other parents have had great experiences with this diaper.  To read more reviews, good or bad, please visit Diaper Pin.com

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