Gro Via All in Two (Hybrid) Review


Ease of Use ★★★★ I do find switching the inserts out for a new one to be fairly simple, although depending on the age and wriggliness of your baby it might take longer. More because you are trying to keep them out of trouble than because they are moving, which means you can’t be snapping the soaker in because your hands are tied up. Once the new soaker is in if you have the velcro version of the Gro Via is a very easy application, if you have snaps it is easy too, but you have 4 snaps to affix. The only tough part is closing the laundry tabs and getting underneath those hoops. It is tricky when the aplix is very sticky.

Bang for the Buck ★★★★ Being that the Gro Via is an All in Two you can save a lot of money with this system. Buying 6-10 shells and 20-36 soakers would be all you need, depending on the age of the child.

Performance ★★★★ I have had a good experience so far. The soakers are absorbent, and there is the option of adding a booster if you need it. There have been times I have changed him and the insert is SOAKED but no leaks. Works overnight for us but not might for those very heavy wetters. I do enjoy the addition of PUL backing on the soakers. This makes me feel better about using multiple soakers in a row since the shell is not very wet. I don’t have to air the shell out between use.

Fit ★★★★★ The Gro Via has improved the sizing of their diaper compared to the Gro Baby. They have added more rise which has also improved the size of the thighs. While the thighs do still seem on the smaller end compared to some other one size diapers, they work well for my average sized toddler. And they size down really small. I plan on using these for my newborn when he is here.

Overall- I am very happy with the improvements made by Gro Via. They listened to their customers and addressed the issues people were having with the aplix. I had those same issues with the aplix wearing out. At this point it is very stick and I expect the laundry loops will help over time. The PUL backed soakers are brilliant and they make this an easier to use system. Gro Via also make disposable inserts for travel, which, while not as absorbent as a disposable, are better for your baby if you HAVE to use them for travel.

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  • NewMomma

    I’m a young, soon-to-be first-time mom crazy enough to want to cloth diaper and seriously considering investing in the GroVia hybrid system. So far, I’ve read great reviews, including the one here. Just wondering: can you use a regular pre-fold held together with snappies in this shell in an emergency (like…it’s been nuts and I haven’t done laundry in two days, or I want to buy prefolds as backups?) Can you use other brand soakers/backups as well? I’ll likely invest in the full diapering system up front, but it’s good to know whether I’ll have other options. 
    Thank you. 

    • Anonymous

      Luckily I was just doing this. Snappied prefolds are too big over the legs to fit under that Shell, it is very “bikini” cut style. A trifolded prefold will work pretty well but it needs to be a fairly small one.

      • NewMomma

        Thank you. I’m excited about cloth diapering (even though I’m a bit nervous, too). This seems like a good system to me…but then again, I’m not nearly as informed as you are on the subject.  Also, do you know if this is a one-size system that grows with the baby? How effective do you think it would be for a newborn? I might opt to use disposables for the first few weeks after my baby is born and then move to the cloth when he/she is big enough. 

  • Peaches Elizabeth McDaniel

    My favorite diaper EVER