GroVia All in One Review

Gro Via AIO
Gro Via AIO

The makers of Gro Baby have rebranded and are now called “GroVia.”  This rebranding has come with improvements to their orginal diaper, the Gro Baby, which now boasts better sizing and laundry tab loops.  They have also launched a new diaper, a side snapping All in One, which I have had the opportunity to review.  I have already reviewed the older versions of the Gro Baby with Aplix and Snaps, and have to say I prefer the snaps.  So, I expected to like this diaper very much.  This is also special since this is my 55th video review, and my very first video review was of  the Gro Baby with Aplix.  That diaper inspired me to do what I do today!

Ease of Use ✰✰✰✰ There are only 4 snaps to affix with this (and most) side snaping diapers.  You have the ability to snap in closer, or farther from the baby’s thighs depending on the size.  The stretchy tabs make it very easy to get a perfect fit around their legs, reducing a chance of leaks.  There is no fuss when it comes time to wash the diaper.  The soaker can stay on, and the booster can be unsnapped or not, so far leaving it snapped hasn’t caused any trouble for me.  If you are worried about the snap coming undone, unspap before washing.  No stuffing required!

Bang for the Buck ✰✰✰✰ The AIO retails for 21.95, which is a great place to be in the AIO organic cotton range.  Still pricer than most pockets, but AIO,s are usually more expensive.  The nice thing is that you can just buy a few for convenience sake and have pockets or AI2’s make up the majority of your stash.  It is just great to have a few AIO’s for trips out etc.  I do love the look and feel of the PUL, which is what attracted me to Gro Baby when it first came out.

Performance ✰✰✰✰ So far this diaper has been leak free for me.  There is no stay dry liner which reduces the risk of any repelling, though it can still happen.  Any urine is going to instanty soak in.  The snap in booster helps greatly in absorbency, and the tight fit around the leg has prevented any leg leaks, especially for a side sleeping napper.

Fit ✰✰✰✰ I will be interested to see how this fits a smaller baby and will definitely try on my next diaper tester when he gets here.  The Gro Via AIO is designed to fit children 10-35+ pounds.  By looking at the snap down rise it doesn’t seem like there is much room between them.  I will give you an update once I see for my own eyes.  For now I can only attest to how it fits my own son.  Like most other one size diapers, he is on the middle snap.  The has 2 snaps left on each side to grow.  No red marks on him, and the elastic is covered inside with material so it should be nice and comfy for him

Overall- I LOVE the way this diaper looks on.  It has a nice sleek look due to the sie snaps, and the Gro Via AIO’s have matching snap colors, something the Gro Baby were lacking.  Especially since Gro Via have larger snaps than most brands, this is a welcome improvement.  The snaps are super strong as well.  In general, I like AIO’s and pockets more than AI2’s so I am happy to have the Gro Via style diaper in this version.  I am sure other people are the same and will buy the AIO before the AI2.  I do miss the cute leaf logo of the Gro Baby, but like the placement of this tag much better.This brand is always coming up with something so I can’t wait to see what is next!

Where to Buy: You can only find the Gro Via AIO from Platinum Retailers like my affiliate Kelly’s Closet

This diaper was sent courtesy of Gro Via for the purposes of this review.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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  • I, too, got to test this diaper. I loved the design of the diaper, but it didn’t work for us. My daughter was about 12 pounds and quite skinny when we first got this and it was still terribly loose on the smallest setting. She’s up to 15 or 16 pounds now, and it is just barely tight enough. I think I will love this diaper when she beefs up, but it doesn’t fit trim babies well (in my experience).

  • rae

    I am in love!! These AIOs by GrowVia seem exactly like my favorite organic AIO but better because the GroVia diapers are one size for the same price as my favorite fitted! And I love love love my GroVia one size cover!! Cannot wait to get some!!

  • I love the AIO! My daughter Markana is 4 months old and weighs almost 13 pounds. The AIO fits her really well and we have not had any leaks. It is really trim and fits so well. I can’t wait to stock up our supply!

  • Kristin

    Did you need the snap in, or was the built in soaker suffcient? Also, did the snap in soaker aggitate off in the wash or stay snaped on?

  • Andrea

    We’ve been using Grovia AIO now for 2 weeks. My daughter is 18 months and 15 Lbs. She’s very thin. Out of all the diapers I’ve tried to fit her, these are the best! Trim, adsorbent, and the elastic is very gentle. I love how quick this dries. We cuttently have 3 but have 6 more arriving this week.

    Kristin. We don’t need the booster so it does a great job without it. It stays snapped in durring the wash. Does not aggitate off or come unsnapped.

  • I just wanted to add a comment about this wonderful diaper. I use it primary as a cover over either my prefolds or I use the Flip insert. They both work wonderfully on my newborn. We have been using this cover since day one at the hospital and we have never had any leaks with it and it is slim enough it doesn’t add a bunch of bulk to an already small baby butt! My baby was two weeks early and only weighed 5 lbs and 9 oz when we left the hospital, and the diaper cover was amazing. I haven’t ever used it with the snap in liners by Gro Via, I have just been using the inserts from the Flip diaper because the flip covers are too big right now and the inserts don’t move once in the diaper because of the mesh lining that sticks to the micro cotton backing of the insert. I just purchased another cover from Kelly’s Closet because I use it so often that I have a hard time when it is in the wash. I love how easy it is to clean too!

  • Karen Allen

    I’ve purchased 14 of these so far, and love them! My daughter is 21 months old and is going to start at daycare in the fall. Her daycare has never used cloth before, but is okay with these and one other brand of AIO’s after I showed them to the director. The reason I’m going with these almost exclusively for daycare is that she’s also potty training, and these make a good trainer due to the stretchy sides. They pull on and off like trainers, which is good for her, but have the absorbency of a diaper, which is good for the teacher in her daycare (so there won’t be wet puddles to deal with if she misses or reverts for a while). They’re super soft on the inside, but yet she feels the wetness. With the snap in doubler, they’ve even held up to my little super soaker, even during nap. They’re the perfect diaper/trainer!

  • Jen D.

    Thanks for the great review! I love the performance of the GroVia AIO, but my baby has only worn them twice and the side material where the snaps are is a different color than the body of the diaper on both the pinkish color and creamish color. It is very dingy on the sides and no longer matches the snaps. I have had these for less than two weeks and I am not really sure what happened. Has anyone else experienced this?

  • Tb_haag

    I got 2 of these diapers and put them on my 11 lber and both of them leak at the snap part. Am I doing something wrong? I like them but not if they are going to leak everytime I put them on my baby girl!

  • Shell

    I have used Grovia diapers for a month and a half on my new baby. At night when he is sleeping it leaks even when i change every two hours. I have to change his clothes at least once at night. The diapers are kind of bulky too it makes him look big on the bottom. Also easier to fit a bunch of diapers in diaper bag then shells and soakers

    • kimrosas

      Sometimes side snapping diapers can leak on the sides at night if the baby sleeping that way.