GroBaby vs gDiapers


Update: There is a newer version of the GroBaby and a newer video of gDiapers

Here is how I came up with the figures you saw in the film:

I used this website to get the number of diaper changes a baby will need from birth to 30 months.  Since G Diapers have 2 different sizes of flushable inserts I had to estimate the age they would switch from a small to a med/large.  I used 4 months.  So up to 4 months I used the amount of small flushable inserts that come in a package (40) and after 4 months I used 32, the number in a med/ large package.  I then had to do the math.  Say there are 990 changes in a 3 month period.  I divided 990 changes by the number of flushable inserts in a pack (40) and multiplied that number by the cost of a package (14.49) This would be the cost of that time, and repeat for the many different stages.  Then I had to add the cost of covers- the cheapest you can get a G diaper cover new is 16.99 so I used this number- to the total cost of the flushable inserts.  I said 15 covers would be a good number, 5 for each size.  My total number was 3,793.13 for G diapers using only flushable inserts- birth to 30 months.

For G diapers with prefolds I only had to calculate the total cost of 15 covers at 16.99 each, plus the cost of infant sized prefolds- about 24 prefolds.  This came to only 296.85.

The Gro Baby was the easiest.  I began adding the items individually which was well over 650 dollars.  But most sites sell a package deal which includes 12 shells, 24 soakers, and 16 boosters.  This is only 365.00.  Since these are one size this is a onetime cost that lasts until potty training.

I did this comparison to help anyone out who is trying to choose between the two diapers.  They are both great as a diaper bag diaper since they are less bulky.  I hope this video was helpful!

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