Green Line Diapers Cover and Bamboo Soaker Video and Review

Green Line Diapers
Green Line Diapers

This week I unpacked my sweaters, coats, and boots. We don’t get a lot of cold weather in this part of Florida, just a few days here and there worth bundling up for. You have to wear layers for sure, because the second the thermometer dips every business in the city lurches for their central heating and a bit of shopping can turn into a sauna. With Harper I’m always a little unsure of how warmly to dress her. Many times if I bundle her up in the cold she gets too hot and fussy and sweats like crazy. If I try to pare it down a bit, and skip a hat, say, or go with a lighter sweater, a well meaning stranger will inevitably chastise me (what is the deal with that? I would never tell someone they aren’t dressing their child correctly) and I dread the attention. How do you deal with cold weather clothing for your tots? And what do you say to (usually elderly) folks who criticize your choices?

Today I’m reviewing Green Line Diapers. They seem to have a cult-like following, I’ve heard rave reviews about them and their fans are very enthusiastic. I was very excited to be review a Green Line cover and bamboo soaker to see what all the fuss is about. They are very unique and have a lot of features I haven’t tried before.


Ease of Use ✩✩ The Green Line Cover doesn’t look like most diaper covers. There is no elastic, so to get a good fit you fold down a piece of the back and you tighten a pair of drawstring cords at the legs. Green Line offers a flat soaker made of a cotton bamboo blend which you can fold to fit your baby before adding the cover. This is a bit more labor intensive to anyone used to simpler systems, but it can allow for a more custom fit. Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ You can purchase the covers and soakers separately, a ready-to-ship cover will run you twenty dollars, a soaker is normally eight (though they are having a sale right now if you buy multiples). The soakers are available in one size for newborns or to be used as a doubler and a second size for older babies. This is a bit high for a cover and soaker, but the materials used are quality. The interior of these covers is a fabric called Ultrex which is rather soft and breathable and an excellent alternative for babies sensitive to PUL. The outer is a printed cotton and Green Line offers an extensive variety of choices as well as offering customs. I do think the Ultrex is worth paying more for, it feels nicer then PUL. Performance ✩✩✩ The customization options of this diaper allows a lot of flexibility in troubleshooting leak issues, but I still struggled with this one. The bamboo cotton soaker is extremely absorbent, but it also seems to cause a little pinkness in her skin. I do like that you can use diaper creams safely with these soakers (just make sure to wash the soaker separately if you use cream, you don’t want residue on any other diapers that aren’t cream friendly). We experienced leaks a couple of times in the thigh area, the drawstring tends to either be too snug or too loose, it can be a perfect fit while she’s lying down but gap when she’s crawling. I don’t think this would be an issue for a younger baby who is less mobile or an older baby who is walking, and it may also be specific to Harper’s unique size and frame. We tried tucking the drawstring as suggested on the website, but my curious child would always insistently tug at the bit of string exposed until they came loose again. I relented and left them out, and she does finger them and play with them but she hasn’t bothered the toggle itself. Of course, if I put pants on her it wouldn’t be an issue at all.

harpergreenlineFit ✩✩✩✩ I love that the aplix allows for a custom fit in a way snaps can’t quite hit. The style Green Line uses is extremely strong and I think it will last a very long time. It may even be a little too strong, I find myself struggling to open the diaper when Harper is wearing it, it can be hard to get a good grip on the material and I really have to focus to get the diaper open (generally while dealing with a squirming baby which will make any diaper change a bit of a challenge). I wish the diaper had laundry tabs, but by securing the aplix at the widest setting and flipping the diaper cover inside out I was able to wash the cover many times without any snags.

Overall: Line is a wonderful company providing environmentally friendly products that offer unique features. I love how handwashable their system is, I would definitely recommend these diapers to a family without a washing machine as they are so easy to clean and line dry. They are an imaginative company troubleshooting cloth diaper issues with innovative ideas. That being said, for Harper at this specific time in her life and this specific size, I’m not a fan. This seems to put us in the minority but I will always blog with honesty and I found that this style of diaper is just not for our family at this time. The drawstrings didn’t provide the fit my acrobatic baby needs, the diaper requires more time and concentration then her others and I tend not to reach for it as often. It may be the perfect fit for your family, it just wasn’t for me.

{Editor’s Note} Over the years DDL has been asked to review this diaper by a lot of readers, many of whom loved this system and wanted to see it featured here.  I encourage everyone to keep looking beyond our reviews in any situation for a better overall look at the experiences with a diaper.  Not every diaper works for every baby and in this case, this diaper just wasn’t the right one for Harper.

Where to buy: Green Line Diapers

Have you tried Green Line Diapers?  Please let us know your experience with them in the comments, this will also help others who come across our review in the future!

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  • Shelley

    I had trouble with my Green Line covers until I watched the many videos on their facebook page. They have a few videos available on there explaining how to get the best fit on the thigh. Did you check those out? Also, they recommend not tightening the cord until it is on the baby to get the best fit. It is a little labor intensive, I agree. I am not one of the cult following but I do want to see this diaper get a review with all the knowledge that is available about how to use it because honestly, there is a steep learning curve with this diaper.

    They work great for us but because of the labor intensity, I usually only use them when I need SUPER trim or no PUL like in the summer, and they are great for padfolding because they have no stretch. A padfolded flat will stay extremely snugly and with minimal shifting in this cover.

  • Tara Lenoir

    I don’t like the look of the strings hanging out. Bastian would be waaaaay too curious with those.

  • Sara

    I used Green Line almost exclusively with my son and I loved them. That being said I can definitely see why they aren’t for everyone. It can be hard to get the right fit and they definitely take some trial and error. But for someone like me, who’s baby had a sensitivity to PUL and who wool didn’t work for, these diapers were a lifesaver! I have never seen a soaker with more absorbancy than their bamboo/cotton soakers. They wash up like a dream – I never had any stink issues in a 2 year run. And the prints are to die for!

  • Natasha

    I would definitely recommend having the cords completely undone when you put the diaper on – that will end up being much easier to get a good fit and ensure it’s leak free 🙂

  • Andrea

    I was always torn with these diapers. I liked the fact that they were so breathable, cute, and easily customized for the size needed, but in the end I had to switch to regular PUL covers. They were a little too firm around the velcro so it put a little too much pressure on her stomach so her reflux flared when she would lean over. PUL covers have more flexability. She also developed hives from where they rubbed since she is prone to hives due to friction. No ammount of adjustment of the inserts, be it fastening flats under or making it so that only the flat touched her skin fixed the issues. The PUL covers we have are a just over all better for our daughter.

  • Elly

    No wonder you didn’t get a good fit–you’re putting them on all wrong in your video! One trip to the Green Line website for usage instructions and you’ll see that. This review isn’t bad, but seems unfair considering the product isn’t being used correctly.

    • kimrosas

      Do you mean that she didn’t tighten the cord while on the baby? That is a suggested method and not a guaranteed way to get the best fit. She did go back and watch all of the videos and tried the methods suggested by Green Line and still had trouble with the fit. For the video she didn’t wind up doing it that way…

      I agree with another commenter that if a diaper can’t be mastered even after watching videos and practicing for months then it may not be the best diaper for that person.

  • Amie

    I tried these, and I didn’t check into how to get them to fit perfectly or how to get them to work, I just didn’t like them overall. I couldn’t get them to work. And honestly, if it takes that much fussing, I’m not going to do the work to make it work for us. I’m into cloth because it’s cheaper and better for my kiddos, but I’m going to use things that are easy if possible.
    I sold mine, I was sad I wasted the money. I hope they get a little more user friendly in the future.

  • Mari

    I love them! Use them since my baby was newborn,always fit great and once you learn how to propperly put them on it takes only seconds. Recomend them to people often cause I love them

  • Sarah McKelvy

    Thanks for the honest review. I’ve been wanting to try out these diapers, but have yet to do so. I completely agree with your last statement, “Not every diaper works for every baby and in this case, this diaper just wasn’t the right one for Harper.” This is the reason I encourage my readers to buy just one or two diapers in a brand before buying a complete stash for that brand.

  • Ummi

    The breathable, waterproof fabric is a concern for me because it is potentially toxic. There are claims that it is Ultrex and that it won’t pass CPSIA testing, which is why most diaper manufacturers won’t use it.

    See this thread:

    Please address this concern for others out there like me. Thanks.