Green Genes Diapers Hybrid Fitted Review

Green genes Hybrid Fitted

Green Gene Diapers has a One Size Hybrid Fitted that is perfect for those who love letting their babies run around without a waterproof cover. Learn more by watching the above video and by reading my performance review.  Don’t be scared of the “Ease of Use” rating because what it lacks in that category it makes up for in the others.  Note the update to the Ease of Use category.
Ease of Use ✩✩ While I know there is a whole mess of people who really love hybrid style fitteds (ones with snap in soakers and other add ons) they can certainly up the level of complication. This particular hybrid fitted from Green Genes Diapers has 2 snap in soakers that also need to be folded in and an additional option to stuff an insert (and then un-stuff before washing). And as with most fitteds of this style the diaper has 3 snaps per tab in a row to snap. Then if you need a cover you have that additional diaper to apply on the baby. If you LOVE hybrid fitteds you won’t be phased by these options. Additionally, you don’t HAVE to use a cover around the house and you don’t HAVE to use the snap in inserts. Still, there are a lot of options and this can be time consuming compared to easier diapers like All-in-Ones and confusing to newbies. Please note that after I performed this review the soak style was changed to an easier version with less soaker snapping has now been released.  My reivew still stands for this earlier version but please see their new version as well.
Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩✩✩ I actually think the price for this diaper is really great! Usually hybrid fitteds are over $30.00 and this diaper can be purchased for abour $25.00. It uses really absorbent materials. Like any other fitteds you have to consider the additional expense of a cover if you plan on using them.
Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ I’m really blown away at how that fleece layer works that is inside of the diaper to distribute the liquid through the diaper. I, like many others, enjoy letting my son wear a fitted without a cover around the house for more breathability and to help if he has a rash. In this case he wore this diaper many times coverless and each time I had a hard time knowing when he was wet, unlike most fitteds. It was also absorbent with both inserts, more than I would ever needs even at night, and was even fine with none of the snap in inserts, just one in the pocket.
Fit ✩✩✩✩ You are going to have a hard time putting your baby in typical jeans with these and a cover on. But for nights and going coverless around the house that isn’t even an issue. There is plenty of room around the waist with extra long tabs and the rise has one full step up left for Everett who is 2 years old and 23 pounds.
Overall: I think the price and the unique fleece lining make this diaper worth looking into, especially for people who love letting their babies run around coverless in a fitted. They also offer a newborn version of this diaper! Now that I have experienced this super neat diaper and the liquid distribution I won’t want to use my own fitteds as much!
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